Monday, September 29, 2008

why god whyeee?

I had my monthly check up today. All the usual stuff: weigh-in, blood pressure, doppler to hear the baby's heart rate. My new doctor, by the way, is lovely! It's so refreshing to find someone I really like. And it makes all the prodding and poking during the pregnancy months much easier to tolerate.

Anyway, all fine, until I mention the large bruise on my leg which has been lurking for the last three months. "That's not normal, is it?" I asked Dr K. "I'm afraid it's not a bruise." She says. "You're one of the unlucky ones to get varicose veins." I said "Awww crap! Can you remove them please?" After the baby she can, apparently. Not before

Thank god summer is over and I can hide under long pants until I get the blighters removed. They're not REALLY bad - not like 80 year-old lady bad, but still. I gotta get 'em out.
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