Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Eath mother rainbow moon spirit

I'm all zen earth mama at the moment. I'm reading a book on Hypnobirthing. Yes Hypnobirthing! Because I'm going to attempt a natural birth next time. Going to try anyway.

It's most unlike me - I'm all for medicine usually. But, I figured, since I've so rarely sought a natural approach to anything in my life, now might be a good time to start. And plus I want to avoid the epidural next time. Yes, I know I know, it's bordering on blasphemy - the epi was, at first, pure joy - heaven. I almost climbed off the table to kiss the anesthesiologist when he stuck that needle in my spine. But... there were the later effects, and the weeks and weeks after that too... all of which I am convinced were the result of the epi.

I was a little embarrassed asking the lady in Chapters if she knew where I could find the book. I wanted to reassure her I wasn't a hippie. And I could feel my skeptical side rising up as I turned to the first page. But I'm totally into it now. The author (Marie Mongan) has a lot of valid points. Like, how our culture is expert at stirring up fear in women getting ready to give birth, which in turn creates an environment of dread. Let's be honest - we've all sat and listened to our relatives, friends and colleagues gushing over their horrific birth stories. It's no wonder most first-time moms are bloody terrified when labour starts. I know I was. Words like "it will be the most painful thing you'll ever experience" and "try to avoid the episiotomy if you can dear" were swirling around my head as I waddled into the hospital labour ward almost 16 months ago.

What can I say - I'm not exactly an exemplary earth mama, but I'm going to give it a go. If nothing else I love love the relaxation and visualization exercises in the book... breathe in to 1..2..3..4.. breathe out to 1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8.. If nothing else, I think all mothers could benefit from bringing themselves into a deep state of relaxation once a day.
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