Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I love you shiny new Dyson

Last weekend we had one of those revelations after buying a new Dyson - it was like we'd traded our Ford Escort for a Porsche. We got it home, excitedly got it out of its box and I went straight to work vacuuming the entire house. I'm embarrassed to say I emptied the canister more than 5 times (I won't reveal how many exactly because the thought of it still makes me slightly queasy). The dog hair was embedded in our carpet like a camouflage blanket. Yuck.

Afterwards I sat and wondered how on earth we've survived 3 years without one of these miraculous things.

James Dyson says, in his TV ad, "I just think things should work properly."

So do I Mr Dyson.

Our crappy old vacuum, which, by the way had 7 filters (why does a vacuum need 7 filters?) is on it's way to the vacuum knackers yard as I type.
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