Thursday, October 30, 2008

Only a few more days

The US election is days away. Yes I am excited - really excited about it. And before I go on to apologize for being more excited by this election than the Canadian one - here's why: I feel - as I'm sure do many people all over the world - like the States is on the brink of something good, something huge. And they need something huge.

Any thing that's been suffering for a time has to, at some point, turn a corner. It feels to me like when you have a really bad, awful day and you go to bed just hoping, willing, praying the next to be better, because it can't get any worse.

I'm not an expert on American politics, but I doubt the founding fathers of this country did not intend for things to end up the way they have. And I'm talking from the point of view of the average person (y'know, Joe six-pack). People were supposed to be able to earn a living to support their families and afford fundamental things like healthcare and education.

And yet here's a government with enormous wealth, spending trillions of dollars on a war that has spiraled out of control, killed thousands of US soldiers and Iraq soldiers and (who knows how many) civilians, and is no longer based on the same premise it started with.

So, I'm hoping, really hoping Obama wins on Tuesday. I'm not a citizen of the States and I don't live there. But some part of me feels a longing to see that country have something good happen for a change.
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1 comment:

..... Carmen said...

I'm completely with you Sarah. Bring on Obama. And yes, I don't think things could possibly get worse.... or perhaps they could if Palin gained control. Scary thought.