Monday, December 22, 2008


I hope this energy burst I'm experiencing isn't a sign of impending labour... Last week I was sick - caught a nasty stomach bug that's going around - and usually after I get sick I get a huge spurt of energy, so maybe it's just that. I was standing there last Monday night, stirring dinner, waiting for J to get home (I sound just like a 1950's housewife!) and suddenly felt a bad stomach cramp - bad enough to make me double over. My first thought was, oh crap, contractions! Bad ones - coming on fast. J arrived to find me bent over the stove groaning. After several calls to the Health Link number and arranging overnight care for Matthew, just in case, I discovered I wasn't in labour, I just had plain old yucky stomach flu. Spent the next few days with my head down the loo, racked with chills and generally feeling like death.

Was quite a relief though, not to be in labour yet...

And sometimes, as unwanted as sickness is, it's good to be forced into doing nothing for a few days... well, as much nothing as you can manage with an 18-month old. Matthew and I spent the best part of the week lolling around in our pyjamas, watching movies and grazing on snacks all day long. Probably not a bad thing since it's been icy cold in Calgary for almost a fortnight and really who wants to be dragging a toddler around in -20?

But now I'm like a superhero racing into action, scrubbing everything (even the poor old oven, which I've neglected for about 6 months), baking Christmas goodies, finishing my hand-sewn stockings (can't actually sew, more like putting a few inelegant stitches in and sticking things to the fabric with glue), and getting the house ready for Christmas and the baby.

I feel like things are starting to come together. Even the basement now has walls that are plastered and sanded, and a finished ceiling. We're so close...
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