Thursday, December 11, 2008

So about that basement

 won't be finished by Christmas. Or by the time the baby comes. Maybe not even by Spring. And that's okay, actually. I'm calm... well, quite calm. Hopefully by the end of January there'll be walls (painted ones), carpet and maybe doors. Oh and there's a bathtub in there now - but no bathroom. There'll be lots of details that will have to wait.

The project manager in me has tried, since the beginning, to enforce some sort of schedule, to have a handle on what was happening at each stage. Frustratingly, when you don't really know what your doing, you hit problems at every turn - things you couldn't have anticipated and which always mean more time and more money... making my shiny, over-optimistic deadline ever less likely.

At least now most of the rest of the work is in contractors' hands, which is a relief. Maybe I'll get my husband back for a bit before the baby comes.

There've been good and not so good encounters with contractors... Yesterday the men delivering the dry wall (all 3000 sq ft of it) turned up and, within about 2 minutes of trying (not very hard) to get the massive wooden sheets down the basement stairs, announced "sorry love it's not going down there". I wanted to yell "you've barely tried!! - put some welly into it!" They told me lethargically that they'd have to remove the post to get it down there. I kindly pointed out that the post in question was a supporting post and that the entire flipping house would fall down if they removed it. They had that heavy-eyed, glazed, what-does-she-know look about them. But thankfully my dry wall guy drove over and hey presto, the dry wall magically made it down there.

Bloody annoying that sometimes it takes a man to come and kick some butt to make things happen. Not that I can't kick butt.... usually.
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..... Carmen said...

I was going to say - heh, you have a bathtub! That is better than us- we have flooring and drywall, but nothing in the rooms. Put our two homes together and we'd have something!

Sarah said...

True! But I love the tiles in your bathroom.