Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Never mind the heartburn bring me the hot sauce

"You'll need to avoid caffeine, chocolate and spicy food..." said nice Dr. K at my last prenatal visit in all sincerity. This was in response to my complaining about heartburn. I had to choke back my laughing protests and nod in agreement.

Unfortunately, it's simply not possible for me to give up those things. At least one latte and a few cups of tea are required per day to help me keep up with my toddler, and the day, generally. Chocolate - let's not go there right now. And spicy food is practically all I want: I asked the waitress at Original Joe's last week if the pizza I was ordering was very spicy. She said "no don't worry it's not too spicy". So I asked if they could make it extra spicy and please bring me the hot sauce too.

Everything goes with hot sauce right now.
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1 comment:

..... Carmen said...

Ha! Funny that I read this tonight after you were given a huge basket of chocolate as a gift last night :)