Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Beginnings and Endings

Well... so much has happened. 2009 has so far seen one family member arrive and one depart.

I said goodbye to my Nana in March. She passed away peacefully in her sleep in a hospital 5000 miles from here, with her children at her bedside holding her hands. She was a wonderful lady. Sweet and kind with a marvelously mischievous laugh. I was always greeted with a cheerful voice when I called. Her unwavering love was a happy constant in my life.

In January Oliver was born. A perfectly healthy, beautiful, bright-eyed little boy who has turned our life upside down.

The birth... another time.

So now here we are, a family of four. Somewhat bleary eyed and not quite caught up with the ordeal of two children under the age of two.

Drifting along with our heads just above water - is how I'd describe it.

And that's okay for now.
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