Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Blue bin excitement

Calgary Recycles 2009
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Tomorrow is the first pickup day for Calgary's recycling program. Our blue bin is completely full. The contents: just two weeks worth of paper, plastic, milk cartons, tins and glass. Needless to say I won't miss the overflowing tubs of recycling that have existed in our house and garage for the last four years. Nor will I miss jaunts down to the local recycling centre in the middle of winter, stuffing milk jugs and tins into bin slots with freezing hands.

Seeing the contents of the blue bin made me think about our family's impact on the environment. Plus, it's Earth Day today... so if I do nothing else, I'll think (here) about what I currently do, and what I could do better.

Current attempts at being an exemplary greenie:

* New high efficiency furnace installed last year
* Attic insulation upgraded
* New efficient windows in basement
(these things add up to a more energy efficient home overall)
* Only running one car
* Turning off lights when not in a room
* Recycling everything possible
* Not running water when not needed
* Running the dishwasher on the "low energy" cycle

Future ambitions for greater greenie-ness:

* Walking more and taking the car less over summer
* Buying produce locally where possible
* Get a compost
* Get a water barrel
* Grow own veggies
* Line dry clothes over the summer months

Any other ideas welcome!
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