Sunday, April 26, 2009

Day 2 Running

DISTANCE: to middle of the park (it's a big park I tell you!) and back
WEIGHT: a little bit more than my weight 3 years ago before babies were even hinted at
TIME: err.. about 30 minutes

Running. It's for a good cause: me. Today was the second attempt; the first was hideous. Or should I say I was hideous. I'm very out of shape. Well okay let's give me a break here, I haven't run for over a year, so what do I expect?

I like to be trim because I like nice clothes, but exercise has never been my thing. So, to get myself hyped about it, I embrace all the stuff. I bought myself a new LuluLemon running jacket, charged my i-pod, dusted off my New Balance running shoes. As I was running I was thinking about the other accessories I could get. A new cap, headband, clip to hold a water bottle, stainless steel water bottle. That's the real fun part.

The first run went like this:
run a minute, walk a minute;
run a minute, walk 2 minutes;
run 30 seconds, walk 5 minutes;
run 20 seconds, walk (okay stagger) home.

But today was much better. The air was cooler, crisper, better weather for running. I was able to run for 5 minutes, then walk for two, etc. It felt good. Plus I had Bongo with me for company. At one point we passed two girls with a ridiculously small dog and I told Bongo he had permission to eat the dog if he liked.

I'm not interesting in running marathons or anything. I just want to loose the rest of the baby weight and tone up. I want to be able to wear skimpy summer clothes and maybe even a bikini somewhere hot next year. I would, though, like to be able to run for one hour solidly without stopping. That would be just enough for me. About 10km in an hour would do nicely.
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1 comment:

..... Carmen said...

How very exciting! I know how great it feels to get outdoors again and go for a run - and I find it such a great break too, and something just for me :) Perhaps we can jog together one day!