Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The name's Mama, Lady Mama.

Actually, the name's Sarah. (Lady Mama is a name I picked at random out of a list of potential blog names and sadly has absolutely no significant meaning whatsoever. Sorry.)

Four years ago, I packed my London life up into boxes that were shipped five thousand miles West to Calgary, Canada. Here, me and my husband J began the journey of adulthood: home ownership, dog ownership, and baby rearing.

Fast forward to now: a thirty year old woman - a writer with no creative outlet and a truck load of blog-worthy material. There's some laughing and some crying, some bitching and moaning, and some mindless, random stuff resulting from many months of sleep deprivation. It's all for the sake of your amusement and my sanity.

I have a strange capacity for finding hilarity in the most obscure moments. And with two young sons - Matthew and Oliver, barely 19 months apart in age, there's no shortage of insanity hilarity.
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LisaDay said...

And I am glad you did. Some great stuff here in your blog.

Happy SITS day.


Fiona said...

At the risk of appearing like a stalker and commenting on EVERY SINGLE one of your posts, I thought I would write here and let you know that your blog has had me in absolute stitches!
I come here whenever I've had a bad day and just laugh and laugh and laugh,
Your writing is fantastic and I wanted to thank you for brightening my life.
Thank you!
Fiona :)