Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Prepping for summer

Ready for summer? I'm not. And here, in Calgary, it sneaks up on you without warning. You've barely retired your snow shovel and suddenly you're scrambling to find the sunscreen. Almost every year I find myself caught off guard by it. Summer dresses and sandals are stuffed away in boxes on a high shelf somewhere in my bedroom. I'm going right now as soon as I've written this post to get them down and hang them so that the creases fall out by next month.

The garden needs some serious tlc. For the last 6 months it's been coated in a foot of snow and littered with debris from the basement renovations - a bathtub, drywall, bits of cement. We're so trailer trash right now. And there's a colourful spray of plastic toys that have gradually been demolished by the weather (and the dog). It all needs to be cleared, cleaned and prepped to make way for children running barefoot on a neatly-mowed lawn and me sitting on a sun lounger with a martini in hand. The thought of being able to walk barefoot on grass makes me a little shivery with pleasure. And to have sun on my face. SUN!

Then there's summer cooking. I always forget to adjust my recipes - I need some great salad recipes (let me know if you have any). I'm lousy at salads. I know they exist - good ones, because other people have made then for me and I've eaten them.

Then there's me. Getting me ready for summer. I'm thinking along the lines of: body toned up - unlikely toned enough for a bikini, but enough for a pair of nice capris and a tank (hence the running - today was day 3 - can't believe I like running now); a few strappy summer dresses - maybe I'll go long this year; a fresh pedi (orange or fuschia?); a hint of tan - just enough to look a bit healthy and alive.

Winter is so forgiving. Winter wants you to be all wrapped up like a Christmas present - everything hidden and mysterious under long trousers and woolly sweaters. So what if you haven't shaved your legs for like 2 months and all the cookies from the cookie exchange ended up on your tummy, thighs and legs? No one will see it. Winter keeps all your flabby secrets. Goodbye winter my friend, I enjoyed the cozy days curled up in front of a movie with my children pulled up close under a blanket and the snow carrying on outside without me. See you in a few months.
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