Saturday, April 25, 2009

Simplify me

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I love Real Simple. It's a magazine, for those that haven't heard of it. Their ideas for creating a simpler lifestyle are highly appealing. They fill me with a sense of calm and optimism - that maybe I can be a person that understands how to lead a simpler life.

Maybe it's the beauty and cohesiveness of the writing, design and photography. Whatever - this magazine does it for me. I'd go so far as to say I find it inspiring. I can read a few pages in the bath with a glass of wine and feel like my world is going to be better when I've implemented those quick skin care tips and prepared that beautiful 30-minute meal. My life will be simpler and better.

What is it about Simple that appeals so much? It feels so foreign. I like the rush and bustle of life. I like being busy - even maybe a little too busy. I'm a feverish busy-body. I leap out of bed in the morning, in a slight panic, and the scramble begins. There's always coffee - maybe a few cups, and rushing around. Lots of rushing around. All day.

The house is clean. The kids are clean, dressed and fed. There are activities, appointments, playdates. The meals are nutritious and tasty. The correspondence and paperwork is done. And the gentle, patient mother, wife, friend and daughter is there. Nearly always.*

It's bloody exhausting keeping up with life.

Sometimes I forget to appreciate the simple things. Sometimes I forget to just "be". How often do you do that - just be? I can go through the entire day without stopping for breath. Occasionally I catch myself - I'll be reading a book with my son and at the same time I'm thinking about what's for dinner and wondering whether the garbage has been taken out, instead of enjoying the moment - the closeness and marvelousness of the occasion. It's sad really, to always be pushing forward for the next thing, rather than appreciating the moment you're in.

Yoga. I need yoga.

*Except when I snap and bite off someone's head and then cry in the bathroom for a few minutes. Yeah. Sorry about that.
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