Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Time goes by

Some things aren't real until you hear yourself say them out loud.

"I have two kids."

What? When did it happen? Wasn't I - just yesterday - a single young lady living it up in the city with a career and a nice apartment and a social life?

"I have two kids. Two boys under the age of 2." I said to the girl at the computer store this morning as I waited for the hard drive to be removed from my Mac. She gasped, wide-eyed. "Really?" She said in faux-awe (or maybe it was real but I'm pretty cynical).

I felt kind of proud and smug.

Time has gone by in such a blur these last few months. But I've been poised with camera at the ready, all too aware that these small, magical moments - often just ordinary components of life - pass by so quickly.

Brothers: one day they'll be best friends.

Yes I know I'm his mother but seriously, look at him. He is remarkably cute.

A family walk in the park on a cool crisp Spring day.

Mum and Dad visiting from England.

Dad and Matthew have developed a special bond.

Matthew helping J dig into the last patch of ice in the back garden.

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