Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I'm pumped about tonight's episode - the season finale of Lost. I'm a little bit of a Lost geek. It's J's fault because he dragged me into it with his unstoppable curiosity and love of the show. Many a night following Lost have we sat up discussing the episode - analyzing the plot, the characters, predicting future outcomes, trying to figure out what the numbers mean... And when I say discussing, what I mean is, J explains to me what just happened and I feign interest while really falling asleep.

I find there are two categories of Lost viewer: those, like me, who watch languidly, only half understanding what's going on most of the time, every so often completely flummoxed, but are okay with that and have no burning desire to get to the bottom of it; and then there's those who are really into it, absorbing every tiny thing, piecing the story together, anticipating the revelations. There's a whole world of online Lost mania to be experienced, if you're so inclined.

For me, there's another reason to get pumped. My (not so) secret Lost crush - Sawyer. It used to be Jack but now he irritates me because he's a pompous ass. (It's okay - J has a (not so) secret Lost crush on Kate. Yeah, she's alright I suppose) So okay, even if I'm not completely up on what's happening, there's always Sawyer.

But, despite the excitement I'm somewhat irritated because once the show's over, it's over for almost a year. And I'm sure, in true Lost form, the writers will end the show on a cliffhanger. Which will result in me pulling a face (from confusion and too much wine) and yelling something at the TV.
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Amy said...

My husband and I are also Lost watchers. Have been since day one. My dogged interest goes in waves. Sometimes I want to know every little thing and scour fan sites but sometimes I could care less. And for the record, I hate Jack. They originally planned to kill him off in the pilot but then they changed their mind. Wonder what it would have been like without him. Then who would I have hated passionately? I am with you on the whole Sawyer thing though.

..... Carmen said...

I have only watched Lost once... and that was a year ago probably when they did a three hour recap of the whole series. That had me completely hooked. Unfortunately, I find it's one of those shows that if you miss just one episode, you are, well, "lost". Enjoy watching it tonight, and I hope you don't curse too much at it at the end!

Crystall said...

I find again, you and I have much in common about this topic. Are you my secret sister? Ha ha! I was really into Lost the first and second season; much like your husband I was analyzing everything. But now, I think my brain is just so overwhelmed with my own daily life and what to remember and what I can forget that I am having a difficult time remembering all of the ins and outs of the Lost journey. It seems to have just so many twists my little simple brain is beginning to have a hard time following. But, none-the-less, I enjoy watching and will continue. By next season, I will need to watch their recap episode to catch up once again. I am jealous that your husband is into it. My husband says it is just so complicated that he has lost interest in Lost. Too bad. It would be nice to chat about it and have someone else explain a few things when I miss them. I hope you enjoy!

Daddy Geek Boy said...

I'm very excited too...but I won't be watching the finale tonight. I've three brain-frying days in a row and frankly, I just don't have the gray matter to devote to two hours of trippy time travel tonight.

Thankfully, there's Tivo.

Though some stupid jackhole already posted a spoiler on Twitter.

Enjoy the show.

Mom Mayhem says: said...

Oh! We are Lost fans too!! I was soo excited to watch the season finale last night. We finally got done watching late last night(after it was recorded) And even though we missed some cause of the severe weather interuptions. It was great! Although it was of course a cliffhanger and it will be about a year until it returns
:( -I'll be waiting! Oh BTW Hmmm... it's a toss up Sawyer vs. Jack-I love them both! I had a dream that Jack was in the other night ;)

Lady Mama said...

Ooh it was good. And, if anyone's interested, we think the flash at the end was not an explosion but a flash forward into the future.