Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mother of 2, last seen running for the hills in shiny new Nikes

The last time I bought running shoes was probably about three years ago. I had no idea that once the rubber outsole wears down, the shoes are basically useless for running - which is why my legs have been in pain for the last few weeks. Duh.

On the advice of a couple of friends I went to the Running Room for a proper fitting. The assistant studied my feet, watched me walk up and down the store, noted that I have low arches (which I already knew) and had me try on three different pairs, all of which felt heavenly compared to the ones I've been wearing.

I went for these Nike Air Zooms.

And oh I am in love with these runners. They feel dreamy on my feet. As I bounced along the running path this afternoon I thought... oooh now I can run.

As it turns out, running shoes aren't just running shoes anymore. These swanky runners have a little pocket under the insole, where you can hook up a sensor that connects to your i-pod, which tells you how far you've run, how many calories you've burned and your time. You can even choose "power songs" when you need motivation... (I'm wondering what these power songs are though, and who chose them?)

So now I have technology in my shoes. What next? Will it really make a difference - all this fancy stuff? Probably not, but as I mentioned before, I like all the stuff. Even as I paid for my runners, I couldn't help noticing all the fancy running accessories - things I didn't know existed: waist belts with water bottle holder, watches with built-in heart rate monitors, arm band i-pod holders. All of which are, of course, completely impractical for me. I had to leave quickly before there was an incident with my debit card.
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Blahbitty Blahbitty Blahbitty Blah! said...

New running shoes make all the difference. I just got a new pair last week myself! My feet have outgrown most of my shoes after having my last child. What a waste of precious foot attire! Eventhough they don't fit, I really cannot seem to part with my sacred shoe collection. What a travesty! Maybe I can work myself up to giving them to goodwill.

..... Carmen said...

Woohoo for new shoes! Glad that your legs are already feeling better in them :) And, ahem, all those fancy gadgets? Yes, I own all of them. If you'd ever like to try them out (my Garmin for instance) you just let me know. And, my Ipod has a Running play list full of power songs. Probably not Nike's power songs, but they are pretty good ;)

Lady Mama said...

Crystall - but what a great excuse to buy a whole new shoe wardrobe! (maybe I can try that one too...)

Carmen - I had a feeling you owned all those cool running gadgets! And please explain what a Garmin is?