Tuesday, May 26, 2009

This mom blogging thing...

Question for you mom and dad bloggers. Do you ever feel weird about it - this blogging thing?

I do. Sometimes. Sometimes I feel odd about the fact that pieces of my life are out there, floating around cyberspace, available for anyone to see. I mean, anyone could be reading. My mailman. Someone from Australia that I've never met. An ex-boyfriend. Shudder.

The thing with mom blogs is, they aren't like other types of blog - like politics blogs, or technical blogs, for instance, where there's no emotional attachment to the content. Parent blogs are filled with snippets of lives - stories about families, photos of kids, opinions on various parenting issues.

When I started my blog last year, it was to give myself a creative space - a page where I could empty out my thoughts at a time when there was no other outlet. I wasn't thinking too much about who was reading, I just did it because I enjoyed it.

I sort of drifted in and out of blogging for a while, half wondering whether it was worth continuing. Then a friend mentioned she was reading, and enjoying it, and I thought, oh - there is a purpose, a reason to keep writing. People will actually read the thing, and maybe respond.

So, realizing I was being a bit of a loner and should probably snap out of it, I started looking around at other mom / dad blogs*, to see what they were doing. There are LOTS. Thousands. Yes, I naively had no idea how many. Some of them were extremely pretty with fancy designs. Some had lots of followers. Some were actually making a living off their blog.

One of the things that shocked me (here we go again with the naivety) was the nasty comments that some of these very popular mom blogs received. I mean really nasty. Hundreds, maybe even thousands of people read these blogs every day - tracking their life, watching their kids grow up, interacting with them. And I think it's that - the thought that someone can publish their life online, using their experiences and their thoughts to draw a crowd - and it's so vulnerable, so exposed.

Parenting is such a sensitive subject, maybe THE most sensitive subject in the world, so those spiteful comments can really hurt.

Maybe it's because I'm late to blogging - I don't fully understand the inner workings of the blogosphere yet. I don't know what terms like "RSS Feed" mean, or what a "meme" is. I'm not even on Twitter. Shock! (and I'm still alive.)

Maybe it's because I'm a sensitive soul who could be compared to a mother lion ferociously guarding her cubs from the world, ready to rip a limb off anyone that even remotely tries to harm her babes.

Maybe I should be quiet now and just keep blogging.

*There should be a blog word for mom blogs - don't you think? Mogs? Mlogs? Bloms?
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Paging Doctor Mommy said...

A friend of my mom's is constantly telling my mom to tell me (whew... did you follow all of that) that I should be more careful about all of the DETAILS of my family's life that I put on my blog. So I do think about that sometimes!
I too don't understand all the ins and outs... no idea about RSS either... but I LOVE the blogging community that I am in. To me, blogging is extremely therapeutic. And, I don't scrapbook, so it's a great memory keeper as well!

Loukia said...

I think most mom bloggers feel this way. I know I do, almost daily. "Yikes, did I share too much info?" I see it this way - I'm not getting too too personal on my blog. Yes, people know my name and my kid's names, but if I call out to them at the park, strangers will also know their names. I just love to write, and I love the blogging community. I don't know what RSS Feed is, either! ;) You should get on Twitter, though, because it is fun! Like Paging Doctor Mommy said, it is like scrapbooking our memories!

Daddy Geek Boy said...

I agree with the scrapbooking analogy. The blog can be a great record of the little things that one forgets over time.

I think a lot about what I put out there. I try to shield my family's identity and as a rule I don't post anything that I feel they wouldn't want up.

I haven't encountered a lot of nasty comments on other blogs or on my own blog. But I know that people love to be awful on the internet. The anonimity of it becomes a pass to let out their inner a-hole. Best thing to do is to try to shrug it off. Most of the time they're just looking for a response and this is what they think the best way is.

You're using blogger, so you already have an RSS feed. And a meme is a blog question or challenge that people write and "tag" others to do the same.

Keep writing, I'll keep reading.

Blahbitty Blahbitty Blahbitty Blah! said...

I know exactly what you mean. I am pretty open on my blog site, though I occasionally have to keep things quiet for a while until I get permission from people to write about their issues on my site. Because often, when the issue is affecting for instance, my husband, it will affect me too. So, I would normally blog about it. My husband gets concerned that I share too much on my site, also. I just feel that blogging is my outlet and my time to be honest with myself and with whomever may be reading (God help them).
I enjoy reading your blog and I really like to see that we have some of the same thoughts. I don't feel quite so alone in my view points.

Lady Mama said...

Tiffany - good point about the scrapbooking. I sometimes feel guilty that I'm not a scrapbooker - like I'm denying my family of certain memories or something... A blog IS a good way of documenting things.

Loukia - true, it is like calling your kids' names at the park, good point.

DGB - I have the same rule, I don't ever post anything my family wouldn't want me to.

Crystall - glad to hear you feel the same sometimes - you're definitely not alone.