Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Birthday My Love

Two years ago today I looked at you for the first time, my love. It was with a mixture of happiness and awe and utter love that I stroked your head and told you that I would always look after you. And it was a feeling of complete, unwavering love for something, someone still so unknown, that took my breath away.

Your beauty amazed me, still does.

You won't understand these words yet, my darling, but one day I'll tell you how much I adore you, and how my love for you will never be anything other than abundant. No matter what.

The two years that you've been alive, though wonderful, have not been without challenges. Remember our old friend, the helmet - or, sorry the "band" as they politely called it?

No, you probably don't... You did look awfully cute in it though. I cried when we first put it on, but you barely noticed.

Because you have this incredible disposition - this way about you. And your cheeky, handsome little smile is killer.

I've marveled in watching your development. Sometimes it's as though I have turned away for just a few seconds and you have moved onto something new.

And as you have begun your learning of the world, your existence has made me see things with new eyes.

And Matthew, dude, you had better still let me hug you so tight that you can barely breathe when you're an adult.

I could never have imagined the absolute realness of the happiness I feel everyday as I watch you grow and change.

Happy Birthday my love.

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Loukia said...

Happy Birthday to your BEAUTIFUL little boy! Awww, what a sweet, sweet post!

James (SeattleDad) said...

Terrific Birthday post. Happy birthday to that handsome little guy.

It's our turn on Saturday with Lukas. Thier birthday's are so close together, it will be interesting to follow his adventures.

Canadian Bald Guy said...

Very sweet. Great pics.

Blahbitty Blahbitty Blahbitty Blah! said...

Great pics of your birthday man! Happy birthday to him!

Lisa said...

What a beautiful boy. My son (he's 6)also wore "the band". I was so upset about it at the time, but it's a distant memory now. We cleaned out his closet last week and found the helmet and laughed as he tried to squish it onto his big boy head. :) Love your writing. Always makes me smile.

Mammatalk said...


..... Carmen said...

Reading this made me want to cry :) He was super cute in that helmet ;) It's amazing how fast they change.