Friday, June 5, 2009

It's Saturday, it's June, it's Snowing... what's up with that?

I shouldn't be too surprised. I do live in Calgary after all: land of EIGHT-MONTH WINTERS. Just because it's JUNE doesn't mean we should expect the big yellow orb in the sky to actually provide some WARMTH. Oh no. Let's have some more snow. Please.

I asked J, why couldn't he have been from somewhere warm(er), like Vancouver?

But ANYWAY... in the absence of sunshine there's always YouTube silliness. This ad always makes me laugh. I like it better than most big-budget commercials.

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Paging Doctor Mommy said...

Move out this way and get away from that snow! It's been BEAUTIFUL here all week! I think I would die if I lived anywhere close to where it could snow in June!

Furious Mom said...

I was reading someone else's blog and saw your update on their sidebar. I live in Calgary too! And I really enjoyed the snow, especially when the regular snow turned little hail/rock snow! lol

Lady Mama said...

PDM - it's tempting, trust me!

Furious Mom - hi - good to meet a fellow Calgary blogger. I wouldn't have minded the snow yesterday if we hadn't just come through what felt like the longest winter in history (to me anyway).

Mammatalk said...

So, that's why there are so many Canadian bloggers. Blogging is a winter sport after all.

Deanna said...

So glad I live in sunny San Diego, California!

Loukia said...

Eek, snow? I hope the weather has improved! Canada has the worst weather, ever!