Monday, June 1, 2009

Speidi in the wildi

Here it is - sleazy reality TV with all the trimmings. I watched the first I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here last night with a combination of amusement and horror. Wow. Spencer Pratt is a piece of work. We've already seen his delightful personality on The Hills (I mean, err, what? No I've never seen it in my life. Okay maybe once.) but now we're seeing his character in all its glory.

And yes, Spencer - I'm afraid whacking something out of someone's hand and then lunging at them and yelling an inch from their face would, in any other situation, be considered abusive behaviour.

But wait, before I get too critical of Man With Psychotic Eyes, let's give him some credit for his one true talent... rapping.


And I had to laugh at Pratt's tussle with Torrie Wilson (what happened was, first she stole his stuff, then he stole hers and ran off and hid it in the jungle. High school? Oh ya). Because really she could snap him in half with those thighs.

And poor Heidi, crying hysterically into her dry shampoo.

Big surprise that within half an hour of the start of the show, the duo decided they wanted out. And then decided to stay... alright then!

Phew, it's exhausting watching these celebs claw for attention (didn't Stephen Baldwin just emerge from Celebrity Apprentice?). And they'll do anything for it. Eat kangaroo testicles, dip their heads into a spider swamp - whatever it takes.

Entertaining though isn't it?

I'm rooting for Lou Diamond Philips to win.

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Loukia said...

Oh darn, I missed this! What a piece of work he is, man... when will his 15 minutes of 'fame' be over? He is the most irritating human ever! But this would be a fun show to watch so we can point and make fun of the people on it!

Ann said...

Oh man, I watched this last night and I think I was squinting the whole time. I just can't STAND Spencer Pratt. I can't believe that he is for real.

Don't the conditions and challenges seem really tough though? I mean, this isn't just having to sleep on the ground. They have them surrounded by crazy bugs, etc. YIKES!

(You better believe I'll be watching tonight. This is my silly escape :-> )