Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The strange incident of the body in the road and the impatient soccer mom

Yesterday as I was driving along a street not far from my house at around 9 a.m. I noticed something on the road up ahead - what looked like a pile of black crumpled fabric. As I approached I saw that the pile of fabric was in fact a person... Lying in the road... An SUV was stopped in the middle of the street about two feet from the person... The driver was standing over the person... A bike was sprawled upside down on the bank at the side of the road... Oh shit.

I pulled up, leaving my car in the middle of the road (I never think to do things like pull off to the side in these situations) and ran up to the SUV driver who was standing over the person lying on the ground. I yelled a question at her - did she need an ambulance?

The SUV woman turned to me, flustered, and exclaimed "I don't know what's wrong with her! She's just lying there! And I need to get my son to his field trip!"

Um you need to what? In what world is that an acceptable response to the question I just asked? I had a bad feeling the SUV woman in her deranged state was going to drive off and leave me with the person she had knocked to the floor with her humongous car.

I bent down to look at the person on the ground. She was a middle aged woman. Her eyes were closed and she was squinting and pulling a face.

"Can you hear me? Are you okay?" I asked in my loud, panicky voice. I mean of course clearly she wasn't okay, but what do you say to a person lying face down on the ground?

The woman nodded. And started to move. Okay. She was getting up.

A few more people pulled up and got out of their cars. One woman was already on the phone to 911. A guy approached and asked the woman if she was injured. Someone else asked "ma'am were you hit by a car?" At which point we all looked at the SUV lady and I asked her "What happened?"

She said "I've no idea - I was driving down the road and I just found her lying here."

I felt great relief that the SUV lady was not, in fact, attempting a hit and run. And thankfully I would not have to chase her in my car all the way to her son's field trip, because I totally would have.

The injured woman began to get to her feet.

"I think I'm okay." She said.

The SUV woman repeated "I really need to get my son to his field trip!"

"Yes go!" I said. Bloody hell woman.

The lady speaking to 911 on her cell was talking through the situation somewhat dramatically "Okay I'm going to talk to her to see if she's okay now... Ma'am are you okay? Are you injured? Where does it hurt... Wait... Patricia..? Patricia is that you? Oh my God Patricia it's you! Oh God! Are you okay?"

The two women knew each other.

After about ten minutes of a bunch of us crowding around the woman, asking the same annoying questions repeatedly to confirm she was okay - that she didn't need an ambulance, nothing was broken, she was not concussed - the rest of us left the scene and she and her bike were taken home in the friend's car.

I was enormously relieved the woman was okay. Because I'm useless in incidents like these. I see even a quarter-sized spot of blood or a bone protruding where it shouldn't and I freeze. My mind goes numb and can't even carry out the simplest of instructions. I would really suck as a medical worker. It was all a bit surreal for a Tuesday morning given I hadn't even had my coffee yet.
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..... Carmen said...

That's insane. And I can't get over the SUV lady. What would she have done had it been her friend? Would she still have NEEDED to get her son to his field trip? Hopefully the rest of your day was far less eventful!

Loukia said...

Oh my God, seriously - that SUV mom would have really pissed me off! Who the heck says something like in that type of situation? What the heck? I mean, seriously! Glad to hear the biker was okay... wonder what happened? I guess she just fell off her bike? Good for you for stopping, I would have done the same even though I'm useless in situations like that, too.

Kris said...

I think I would have probably lost my temper with SUV!!

James (SeattleDad) said...

Wow, I kept waiting to read that she had, in fact, hit her and she was in shock from doing it. But, it sounds like all turned out well and that you handled the situation perfectly.

Canadian Bald Guy said...

Good to know she ended up not being seriously injured. It's hard to know how you'd react in a situation like that until one actually happens.

Glad you kept your head. :-)

Nicole said...

I guess that's the good thing about living in our "small tow" community-where every 2nd person seems to know each other! Thank god you and Patricia's friend came along! I'd have hated to hear her fate should it have been up to crazed SUV/field trip mom!

Nicole again said...

that is meant to say "small town" .... sheesh

Paging Doctor Mommy said...

Good grief that all sounds crazy! Did you ever find out why the woman was just laying in the road? Did she fall off her bike?
I would have probably had to restrain myself from kicking the SUV lady in the shins! How rude!

Lady Mama said...

I've been wondering what exactly happened - what caused the woman to fall off her bike... She said she wasn't hit by a car. And there were no obstacles in the road that she could've run into. I'm thinking maybe she blacked out or had a seizure. But how her bike got to be on the bank on the side of the road while she was lying on the street I've no idea...

Daddy Geek Boy said...

I just hope the woman in the SUV got her kid to the field trip on time. That's what's really important here. And it's a good lesson for her kid to learn too.

Metropolitan Mum said...

Hi there. Thanks for stopping by! I like your blog and: OMG. What a weird morning. I might have puked right on the spot (am very bad with this kind of situations). And what was wrong with the SUV lady? This all sounds like an episode out of Desperate Housewives...

Lynn from For Love or Funny said...

Geez Louise, I can't believe the SUV woman was so heartless.

I guess her son was late to meet the President. That can be her only appropriate excuse.

Mom Mayhem says: said...

Yikes! Wow! That is pretty surreal-I wonder what did happen?? Glad she was ok though.

I also wanted to let you know that I have One Lovely Blog Award waiting for you at my blog-Check it out!

ModernMom said...

Sounds like either SUV woman was either incredibly selfish or in shock! Kudos for you for stopping and lending a hand!