Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Most mornings I wake up just as J is leaving for work and both boys are waking at the exact same moment. I lie in bed for a few moments wondering, first, whether I can get away with lying in bed for a while longer and, second, which child I should go to first. Usually Matthew is first because I can kill two birds by carrying him into Oliver's room to change him, thereby attending to him and keeping Oliver entertained at the same time.

So yesterday, as per the routine, I open the door to Matthew's room, bleary eyed and wishing to crawl back under the covers, to see him standing at the foot of his crib with the most incredulous expression on his face. And then this follows. "Nooooooo." The hissy "no" of utter displeasure.

~Greeting #1~

"Hello darling." I say breezily ignoring his unhappy greeting.

His face is all in a frown. "Where Daddy?" He demands grumpily.

"Daddy's gone to work love. We'll see him later."

"Daddyyyyyy! Dadddddyyyy!"

This goes on for a few minutes. Finally both boys are changed, washed, dressed and being fed breakfast. An hour later my babysitter is due to arrive (she comes once a week to relieve me for a lovely morning - four whole hours of blissful aloneness). As her car pulls up I tried to distract Matthew with a book.

~Greeting #2~

"Who that?" His face creases into a confused furrow. "Who car?"

And then, the dreaded sound.

"Ooooohhh Noooooo! Oooohh Noooooo!" Followed by accusatory pointing and more hissing.

Gawd, I think, poor Sasha can most definitely hear him through the open window. What a greeting. But she's used to it now, because this is a weekly occurrence. And she is brilliant, because she comes in and right away pulls him onto her lap and is talking him out of his bad mood, and I know that within a few minutes he'll be fine.

After leaving the house, a wonderful, replenishing 4 hours of solitude follows, in which some good things are accomplished: reading, drinking latte, people watching, shopping.

Back to the house, all fresh and relaxed from my alone time.

As I walk through the back door, I hear Matthew wailing. Sasha walks past me heading somewhere, half limping and clutching her foot and has a slightly disturbed look on her face.

~Greeting #3~

"Is everything okay?" I ask feeling a slight pinch of panic. Matthew, hearing my voice, comes into the kitchen, tears streaking his red face. "Mummmmyyy! Mummmyyy!" I stroke his head and pull him close for a cuddle.

"I stepped on a bee." Sasha says.

"Uhh pardon?" I ask, not properly hearing what she has said over Matthew's sobbing.

"I stepped on a bee!"

"Oh no!" I say, concerned. "I think I have some ointment for that, hang on." I go through to the bathroom, holding Matthew in one arm and begin rummaging through the bathroom cupboard with the other. Damn, why am I not the type of person that has neatly organized cupboards where things like first aid supplies can actually be found in emergencies? Must find that irritatingly smug Martha Stewart Housekeeping book that someone gave me for Christmas at soonest opportunity...

"It's okay." Sasha says. "I'm okay." We both peer at her foot, which is beginning to swell. After examining and deliberating for five or ten minutes, Sasha determines she is okay. Phew.

Five hours later, I'm sitting with Matthew while he eats, no wait, picks at his dinner. Oliver is struggling to wriggle free from the straps of his bouncer, and J comes home.

~Greeting #4~

"Daddddyyy!" Matthew cries delightedly.

"Hi honey." I say. "By any chance did you bring wine?"
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Loukia said...

Oh gosh... hope you enjoyed some wine, indeed! First thing in the morning, my oldest son can be Mr. Grumpypants, too. Always wanting his daddy! I feel so not loved sometimes! I hear you... it's a tough job, huh?

James (SeattleDad) said...

Perhaps a case of wine? You need to keep a stock on hand. Otherwise, might I suggest a cold Alaskan Amber Ale?

Brian Miller said...

ha. having two boys of my own i can relate. no need for an alarm clock...6 AM Cole (4yr old) makes sure we are all awake. working on the sound proof room...

Crystall said...

Man, I really need to follow your lead and block some of this "me" time for myself. Now, to convince my husband that we need a sitter :)

Maria @BOREDmommy said...

Four hours to myself weekly seems DIVINE - you are SO lucky. What I wouldn't give for that on a weekly basis. That's great that you have someone that works well with your kids. Oh, and please share the wine - thanks so much.

Mammatalk said...

I'd love a glass, too! Good for you for scheduling in mommy time!

Tooj said...

I was sitting at, wait...I was taking a walk with a lady at work yesterday. That would have been Wednesday. On Tuesday, I'd gone grocery shopping. As we walked, I realized instantly that I'd left some groceries in the back seat of the car when I unloaded. I panicked, got back to my desk, and called my husband (who's at home on disability from knee surgery). I frantically ask him to check my car (which he's got this particular day b/c it needs an oil change and he took it) for the bags.

He calls back. Phew. My wine was there. I knew I'd need it when I got home. :) Some days, you just need a little something extra. Did your husband have it for you?

Drama queens mum (Kimberly) said...

Visting from SITS. Sounds like my day & greetings. I also try to lay in bed for a few extra minutes. My daughter (who's 2) always wakes up around when my hubby leaves for work & when I go in to get her she's asking for Dadda.

Anonymous said...

I stopped in from SITS to find you, a fellow Calgarian! That's exciting!

I used to do the same thing that your baby sitter did for a family and it was fun. Too bad I have to work full time now...

Erin @ Closing Time said...

What a day! At least you had some alone time in the midst of it all!! Great post!

Paging Doctor Mommy said...

I'm WAY WAY behind in reading posts since being on vacation. I'm home now, trying to catch up on blogging while trying to re-establish some semblance of a routine for Reagan while unpacking and cleaning and organizing and doing 67 loads of laundry. It's 10:22AM right now... AND I'M ALREADY READY FOR WINE!