Thursday, July 9, 2009

Things that should be drive-through

Drive-through has become my saviour. It's like the last chance to keep my good consumerist tendencies alive when the boys are with me. I'm a fan. Because you know, I may have mentioned one or twenty thousand times that I find going out nowadays to be something similar to pulling teeth.

In the warm, comfortable enclosure of the car, where the kids are safely strapped into their seats without any hope of escape, I can withdraw money from the bank, buy a coffee or pick up a snack. And on those occasions when I simply must get out of the house regardless of where, I just load everyone into the car, get my drive-through coffee and drive around for as long as I need to. Sometimes it's almost peaceful. Almost.

Often when I'm there I catch sight of other moms doing the same - their vehicles also stuffed with young kids, just trying to sneak a few moments of serenity.

So okay I realize drive-throughs are not exactly great for the environment, but let's say by some miraculous turn of events they were. Then I would want more things to be drive-through. Because then I could do all my errands from the window of my car. Here's my wishlist:
  • Drive-through magazines
  • Drive-through baby supplies
  • Drive-through DVD rental
  • Drive-through liquor store (someone is going to tell me one of these exists already I bet)
  • Drive-through manicure and pedicure (the pedi could be a little awkward..)
  • Drive-through pet grooming (small pets only, sorry Bongo)
  • Drive-through dry-cleaning
  • Drive-through computer repair (Mac Geniuses in a booth. Much better)
  • Drive-through recycling
  • Drive-through travel agent
  • Drive-through meditation ("omm... omm...okay we're done off we go")
Any more drive-through flashes of brilliance?
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Loukia said...

Ha! This is great... I wish! And drive through grocery shopping... place your order through the phone on Internet, and then drive to a window to pick up your groceries, and have them placed in your trunk by a worker, too! That would be great. :) Loved this post, so funny!

beth said...

saw your post on sits, hi! love this post. i, too, love drive thru (and i live in philadelphia, where i know of at least one drive thru beer distributor). i want a drive thru pharmacy where they not only fill your prescription, but will run and grab the other stuff i need too (cough drops, ginger ale, tissues, etc.).

James (SeattleDad) said...

Great List! How about drive through micro brews? Ok, perhaps not.

Elisa said...

Hurray for drive throughs!! Honestly, I would already be happy if they had ONE drive-thru Starbucks in my area. I would go on bent knee and thank the heavens. And then I'd jump in the car and go test it right away.

Meagan Francis said...

Ha! I've often wondered if the drive-thru pharmacy people would balk if I drove up and asked them to bring me some laundry detergent and a pack of gum.

In all seriousness, I would LOVE it if there were healthy drive-thru meal options. I can't stand most fast food, but sometimes you just need to grab something on the go. How hard would it be to create a chain with fresh sandwiches, salads, soups, etc--all drive-thru?

Canadian Bald Guy said...

Maybe it's a Canadian thing, but there are absolutely drive-thru beer stores up this way. Full-access liquor stores? No. But there are parts of Halifax where you can drive-thru and pick-up your case.

Good times. :-)

Lady Mama said...

Loukia - yes drive-through groceries definitely. How great would that be? Even just for essentials like milk and fruit.

Beth - hi! A drive-through pharmacy would be very handy. I feel like I'm there almost every other week.

James - haha. Why not.

Elisa - yup Starbucks is my fav of all the drive-throughs.

Meagan - I love the idea of a healthy fast food drive-through.

CBG - I'm in Canada too, but (as far as I know) there are no drive through beer stores in Calgary...

Lola said...

For a second there I thought you typed the last one as Drive-through Mediation. That would be a good one though, especially if the other party you had to mediate with was in their own car! Lol!

Mom Mayhem says: said...

Great post-These are all pretty good ideas! Oh and I love the pic too =D

Mariel said...

Fun blog, just stumbled on it...hope you don't mind! I was super happy to see that Smoothie King put up a drive-through! It's always been one of those cravings that aren't worth unloading the kids in/out of car seats for! Yay for sugar-free Island Impact and Grape Expectations!


Lil said...

Drive through groceries would be my choice, it would make life so much easier. :)

Daddy Geek Boy said...

Been to a drive through beer dispensary (I have no idea what else to call it). It might have been in Canada. Or it might have been in upstate NY. I can't really remember.