Thursday, July 2, 2009

The toys we really buy for ourselves

Admit it - some of those toys you bought for your children are really for you. No? (liar) Alright I'll go first. I was excited about getting my hands on the toys I loved as a kid before I even had kids. Blocks and Lego, for instance. Transformers. Science kits that connected wires and exploded things (obviously I was destined to have boys).

That might explain why it looks a bit like Toys "R" Us pulled up in a giant dump truck and emptied the contents of their warehouse in our basement.

So occasionally when Matthew is playing by himself, I'll sneak off to the side and get stuck into his tub of blocks. I sit on the floor completely engrossed in the tower or bridge I'm building. It's almost like meditation.

Only problem is, I can be very possessive over the thing I've made. I want it to stay in tact for more than five seconds. After all, I spent AGES building it dammit. (Stop looking at me like that) Matthew, seeing my intense concentration, strides over and with enormous glee, knocks it over with his mean toddler fist. Then stands screeching with delight at his triumph. I'm so anal protective of my structure that before I know it I'm blurting "ooh NO! Don't ruin mommy's TOWER! I spent a LONG time on that!"

Ha! Yes I know. Complete nutter.

Next are bubbles. I find them totally mesmerizing. Long after Matthew has become bored and run away to chase something in the garden, I'm still standing there, blowing the shiny orbs into space. Note to those that like bubbles: Gymboree bubbles are far superior to the other competition (not even being paid to say that).

And last are crayons, and basically any art supplies. The old me that used to draw and paint craves art. But once again, Matthew can detect the fun I'm having like my dog detects any morsel of food, and within seconds has added his contribution of SCRIBBLES. Dammit.

I think I may need a playroom of my own...

Oh yeah and while I'm in the corner, hogging building things with his toys, what's he doing? Not playing with his train set or one of his fifty thousand cars. Nope. Sitting in a cardboard box.

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Schmoochiepoo said...

My kid hides his toys so I don't play with them :)

I spend HOURS setting up the train table for ME to play with.

Loukia said...

So true! Sometimes I will be so busy playing building towers with blocks like you, and the kids will have wandered off somewhere else and hubby will say: "You're still playing?" And crayons! And markers! I LOVE CRAFT TIME because it's so much fun... for me! ;) Great post!

ModernMom said...

Oh Yes!! New play dough is always for me:) (I secretly hate it when they get to open the tub first) Ha

James (SeattleDad) said...

Lukas likes to play with me since I make the best car crash noises and dinosaur roars.

Liliana said...

LOL so true! I love to play with my/Lexi's toys. :)
PS I too love bubbles!

Mammatalk said...

At least I know I'm not alone.

Maria @BOREDmommy said...

This is SO true - I buy way too much LEGO and Playmobil for my son because I love to assemble it!! Its an illness.

Maria @BOREDmommy

Daddy Geek Boy said...

Yeah, my son does the same thing to me when I build a tower. Knocks the damn thing down.

My toy of choice, as mentioned above, is definitely Play Doh. The Bean was given one of those 100 piece accessory buckets for his b-day, I can't stop playing with it.