Saturday, August 29, 2009

Daddy go wine?

As we pulled into the mini mall this afternoon, there came a little voice from the back of the car.


We've made a few extra trips to the wine store this week, hence the assumption.

The reason for the extra wine trips?

1. The toddler screeching: Imagine, if you will, a scene from a horror movie. I'm thinking Scream or something with equal amounts of annoying screaming people.

The main character is about to be murdered in the most horrific way imaginable. She lets rip a gut-wrenching, blood-curdling scream. The type of scream you have to turn away from because it's that gruesome.

Hearing it?

This is the sound my toddler has recently adopted to let me know when he is NOT HAPPY.

Like, for instance:
He's not happy I won't let him bash the wall with his dump truck a hundred times.
He's not happy his diaper needs to be changed.
He's not happy it's time to get out of the car and not spend the next thirty minutes sitting in the driver's seat pressing all the buttons on the dashboard.
He's not happy his Dad has to leave for work in the morning.
He's not happy I want to use my own fork instead of letting him use it, even though he already has one.
He's not happy his brother is holding one of his (four thousand) trucks/cars.
He's not happy people are visiting our house.
He's not happy we're visiting someone else's house.
He's not happy the world is not spinning in the direction he wants it to.

2. The baby is teething: Enough said?

"Yes sweetie, Mummy and Daddy need wine."
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Chic Mama said...

Haha.....I know EXACTLY how you feel.

Sparkless said...

Forget the wine get some earplugs!

liliana said...

LOL they are not kidding when they say terrible twos. I know the feeling. :|

Sharon said...

I'm convinced that it's not college co-eds who drink the most, or even university students on Spring Break. It's desperate parents.

LZ @ My Messy Paradise said...

Oh, no...same here. For all the same reasons. Also, screams the when the sun is shining, or it's cloudy. Screams if it's daytime, or night.
All the stinkin' time!
I think I'll adopt the 'Wine will make it better' philosophy.

Paging Doctor Mommy said...

Reagan says the same thing to me in the evenings when I let out a long sigh as I try not to lose the last shred of sanity that I've been hanging on to all day. "Mommy, I think you need a glass of wine!"

Lady Mama said...

Chic Mama - I think every parent must have experienced this at some point!

Sparkless - ear plugs, yeah good idea.

Lil - what scares me is all this talk of the terrible threes!

Sharon - without doubt parents!

LZ - wine really does help. Honest.

PDM - she's a smart girl.

James (SeattleDad) said...

Similar here too. Plus, last night it was 'not happy I wouldn't let him run wild in Blockbuster ripping all the dvd cases off the wall. Threw a fit, so we grabbed the top rental and left.

Yes, I paid for it.

Mwa said...

Wine is the least the universe can do to repay you for that.

Mammatalk said...

Teething? My heart goes out to you in this terrible time of need. They really should come up with a Hallmark card to this.

I wrote a whole post on teething earlier this year...Toddler Pox. Sorry to keep refer back to my blog, but I can so relate!