Sunday, August 2, 2009

Taste of a summer weekend

Things I learned this weekend:

1. Never go into Sephora with a double stroller and a baby covered in slimy Mum-Mum crumbs, whose intention is to smear the crumbs over you and everything within reaching distance in the shop.

2. A pair of pre-pregnancy jeans fit (just, if I don't breathe too much). Woohoo! (who needs to breathe anyway?) I knew there was a reason for all the running.

3. Oliver (6.5 months) is getting big: a 15-month old boy who toddled up to him at the park was almost the same size.

4. I need to make more grilled salads. And not just during summer months.

I love summer salads, especially the grilled variety. They're easy, tasty and good for you. When it comes to salads I'm not one for recipe following. I like to feel my way around the ingredients, guessing at quantities depending on my mood / how hungry I am / how long I can afford to take over the preparation. I like to throw things together with my hands, tasting and modifying along the way.

Here's one I made on Saturday. Try it - it's lovely.

Grilled Summer Salad
  • 3 chicken breasts
  • Big bunch of organic spinach leaves
  • One red pepper & one orange / yellow pepper
  • Slices of white or yellow onion
  • Handful of white mushrooms chopped
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Lemon
  • Salt
1. Drizzle chicken breasts with extra virgin olive oil. Season (I used a Montreal steak seasoning - you can use whatever you have in your cupboard).

2. Grill chicken for about 30-40 minutes, turning once. When cooked through, slice the chicken and set aside.

3. Put peppers, sliced onion and mushrooms into a pan (I used one of those pans you use directly over a grill flame, but you could also fry them up for about five minutes in some olive oil in a frying pan)
. Toss the raw spinach leaves with the grilled veggies. The leaves will wilt a bit.

4. Pour a few
tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil over the salad, squeeze in half a lemon, and add a sprinkle of salt. Mix the salad together until the dressing touches everything. Arrange the salad in bowls with the sliced chicken on top.

Now, enjoy with a chilled glass of Sauvignon Blanc on the patio looking out over the lake, as the sun sets and the air quietly breezes around your shoulders. Or, do what we do and eat with your noisy kids in the dining room amid people protesting they "no like" it and the general clatter that makes you want to wolf down the salad as fast as possible in order to get everyone bathed and in bed.

And here are a few shots from the weekend.

Matthew adores the water park, dashing through spurts of water, laughing gleefully.

Oliver loves being on the ground, grabbing the grass with his fingers.

Me and Oliver.

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Loukia said...

Oh, yes a double stroller in Sephora is not easy at all!! Yay for getting into your pre-pregnancy jeans!! Your children are so cute, and you look great, too!!

Kate Coveny Hood said...

Adorable. My Oliver was a huge baby, then a huge toddler - and now he's a huge pre-schooler. My husband and I are not huge - so I have no idea where he gets this...

Fitting into pre-pregancy clothes is great. It's been so long since you were able to wear any of them, it's like getting a new wardrobe. And you're so used to being enormous, that you feel like a supermodel. Or maybe that's just me...I was really big when I was pregnant...

Crystall said...

So Cute! You guys look great! I can fit in a few pairs of pre-pregnancy jeans...only a few though. So, I am now jealous of you. I guess cutting out a few of the various pieces of birthday cakes this summer would probably help....and no more chocolate chip cookies. What a drag! :)

Chic Mama said...

Well done getting into your jeans, what a great feeling eh?
Lovely picture of you and the baby.