Monday, October 5, 2009

I love you man.

At first he wasn't sure.

He wondered - who was this squishy little stranger that
mum and dad brought home from the grocery store?
And why didn't they just get cookies?

He tolerated the new boy, because everyone else seemed
to like him, all the while wondering when he'd be going back.

But a few months later, the new boy was still there, and not
so new any more, always hanging around, watching him,
grabbing at his things with sticky fingers. Not cool man.

And then he noticed the one they kept referring to as "your brother"
sitting beside him at the table, drinking from a cup, eating from a bowl.
And he realized, this dude was staying.

And, realizing the "brother" was not going to be returned for a
refund, decided to give him a chance.

He laid down some ground rules: he told his brother
he could touch CERTAIN toys only.

The brother agreed to the terms but secretly had other ideas.

And suddenly the two were mooching around the house
mischievously, taunting the dog, raiding cupboards,
and creating watery messes on the kitchen floor...

And rolling around together, tickling, fighting, playing.

And he decided to let the little dude stay.

But he told the little boy, in no uncertain terms,
that if he EVER touched McQueen, the deal would be off the table.

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Mwa said...

Awww. I caught my two giving each other hugs and kisses this morning.

Chandra said...

That's awesome! Brotherly Love at it's best!
(Enjoy it...I don't think my oldest ever got over us brining home the "other one", LOL).

..... Carmen said...

How cute :)

LZ @ My Messy Paradise said...

That's great! I love the pictures! We have he same rule with M's Minnie Mouse. She must share everything, except her favorite doll.

Very Bored Housewife said...

Aww that's lovely. Fab pictures of them together.

JulieChats said...

So cute, a great story & great photos to go with it! I wanted to take my brother back for a while too...about 18 yrs....

Happy VGNO, a little late! Come over & check out my blog, I was honored this week & I'm excited to share the news!

Loukia said...

I absolutely LOVED this post so much! It's so beautiful.. so true! I want to write something like this about my boys, too... thanks for the inspiration! Your boys are just gorgeous. xox

James (SeattleDad) said...

That's great. Everyone knows McQueen > Blood

C @ Kid Things said...

We can totally relate to this in my house. My kids sometimes share without problem, but not very often.

Maria @BOREDmommy said...

Your boys are so sweet - and its so true - it takes them a little while to realize that they are not going anywhere, and then they decide how they will fit into their life. By that point, they are two little peas in a pod. Watching the dynamic is so amazing, isn't it?

Metropolitan Mum said...

Very cute. I love that little cheeky look in your youngest's eyes. I am sure they have lots of 'funny' ideas.

Elisa, The Unlikely Housewife said...

Gorgeous boys, fantastic post!

Only siblings know what it's like to... well, be one of the two siblings :-)

Elaine A. said...

Our "deal breaker" was Thomas the Tank Engine.

Cute pics!!

Sandy Calico said...

Your boys are gorgeous, great photos :-)