Tuesday, November 17, 2009

10 reasons not to wait until you're thinner to buy new clothes.

I was at a playgroup this morning, chatting with a bunch of mums. One of them commented that she wore the same thing all the time because she still had baby weight to loose and didn't want to waste money on new clothes until the weight was gone. We all - every single one of us in the room - laughed understandingly. We've all been in that situation.

Well. I say enough of this silliness.

Enough waiting for the left-over baby weight to disappear. Enough imagining you'll wake up two sizes slimmer in the morning. And let's face it - the holidays are coming. And who the hell looses weight over the holidays? Not me. I usually gain three pounds from all the cookies and plum pudding with brandy butter.

My friends might confirm that I'm rather persuasive. If I'm shopping with you, I will find 101 reasons why you should definitely buy the thing you've got your eye on. Honestly, I'm relentless.

So, here are my 10 reasons why you should stop waiting and buy yourself a new outfit this week.

1. The idea that you're wasting money buying clothes because you're going to loose weight is silly (unless you honestly are). Be realistic - how long is it going to take you to reach your ideal weight? Me? Well, let's see... ideally I'd like to be my pre-baby weight again (10 lbs less) and then another 10 lbs would be nice. So that would be, um, about a year? Am I going to wait a whole miserable year to buy myself something? Nope.

2. Oh yes you do deserve it! I often feel like I'll deserve new clothes when I've lost weight. No! No no no. You deserve them now.

3. Never mind that those old stores you used to shop in make you look like a stuffed potato. Sod them and their skinny bitch clothes. Find another store with proper sizes.

4. Shopping is also time off for you. Tell your family you will need a couple of hours to go shopping alone, then, as well as the treats, you'll get a little time to yourself, which is almost as good as the treat itself.

5. Shopping needn't cost a fortune. Like the woman in my playgroup this morning, I don't like spending a lot on something temporary. But these days there are lots of places to buy clothes inexpensively - outlets, concessions stores and even superstores. You just need to do a little hunting around.

6. Starbucks. Because obviously you can't make a coherent choice without a latte.

7. If you really really insist on not buying new clothes, accessories work too. And accessories will fit you whatever size you are. And who doesn't love bags, scarves, shoes, sunglasses, brooches, bracelets, hats, etc?

8. You'll be doing a great service to charities that need clothes when you hand over your garments that no longer fit in a year's time.

9. The thrill. You know - the feeling you get when you pay for that pretty thing and walk away with it in your bag? Don't deprive yourself just because of a few lousy pounds.

10. And most importantly. New clothes are good for your health. It's true I tell you! (but don't quote me on that) When I wear new clothes, I feel better about myself, and therefore I start taking better care of myself - what I eat, drink, etc., and eventually this good cycle begins to start to rub off on my overall health. No really!

Image from www.everydaypeoplecartoons.com

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Chic Mama said...

Yep....know where you're coming from. I've started buying from cheap shops to accommodate my ever changing size. Then it doesn't matter so much if it doesn't fit after a couple of wears.

..... Carmen said...

You hit the nail on the head with a couple of those. Women should shop in stores that sell clothes that fit them. When you wear something that fits you properly (especially a bra), you LOOK better, not only to yourself, but also to those around you. Buying or treating yourself to something new - clothes or accessories, gives such a self confidant boost. For that last reason alone it's worth it! And you're right, there are cheap options for shopping if you are at an inbetween weight. Set target purchases for weight loss goals - 5 lbs, a new shirt, 10 lbs, those shoes you've been dying for, 15 lbs, heck a new hair cut or colour, and your final goal, splurge and get an expensive outfit or purse. Those are my thoughts - coming from someone 9 months PG and having currently packed on 40 pounds with more to come. Ahem.

Mwa said...

Hear, hear! Especially the last one. I completely agree.

Maria @BOREDmommy said...

You are so right. And the comic is dead on.

MummyMatters said...

Great post!! I recently decided to treat myself to post-baby clothes because I was fedup with baggy jeans and hoodies (no I'm not a teenager anymore!) and treated myself to skinny jeans, long tops and belts and finally I feel and look like a yummy mummy!! I'm still about 11lbs off my target weight but who cares, right now I feel great!

Momma Sunshine said...

I hear ya. There's nothing worse than being unhappy about your weight AND having nothing decent to wear. It's good to feel good about how you look no matter what your weight. :)

Metropolitan Mum said...

Slouching around in track suit bottoms makes you feel even worse -> more comfort food -> more time to kill before being thinner. I agree with you, time to get something decent to wear!

LZ @ My Messy Paradise said...

So true. I struggle with this all the time. I finally caved and bought a few new things and feel so much better for it.

Loukia said...

I love number 9 and 10 the most! So very true. I am trying to lose a few pound before Chritmas, so I'm only going to wait a few weeks before I buy some nice new festive outfits to wear!

Lady Mama said...

Chic Mama - Yes cheap is sometimes the way to go...

Carmen - Hey you're comment is better than my post. Stop that!

Mwa - glad it's not just me...

Maria - :)

MummyMatters - I'm in the same position as you - about 10lbs to go but recently treated myself and feel better now too.

Momma Sunshine - Exactly.

Metro Mum - See? Track bottoms = bad for your health. New clothes = good for your health. Logic.

LZ - Good for you.

Loukia - Sounds like a good plan.

Elaine A. said...

I need to lose about 30 lbs. but realistically it's going to be 10 or 15. And I just bought some clothes the other day because I've already lost 25 since having the baby so CHEERS to me!

Love your list! : )