Monday, November 9, 2009

Domestically Deceptive

When it comes to household chores, I like short cuts. I detest housework and would rather spend my spare minutes emailing, blogging, twittering or googling things like "can I train my dog to make coffee?". And though I love taking the time to cook a proper dinner, it's sometimes too much work at the end of a long day.

So I thought I'd share some of my short cuts with you.

Pimp your food: Montreal steak seasoning.

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This product has saved dinner time from a drab death on a number of occasions this year. When I have lacked energy or inspiration, I've used steak seasoning on almost everything - chicken, beef, fish, vegetables. Add a side and, done.

I spent all day making this: Pasta sauce in a jar.

I always, without fail, have a bottled tomato sauce in my cupboard. If all else fails, I dump the jar over some pasta, make a quick salad and whamerelli - dinner.

It's-a not so bad, it's-a nice-a place: Frozen pizza.
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Frozen pizza. So lazy and naughty, and yet so easy and tasty. That's why I figure that pizza with spinach, really, is a winner all round. It has spinach on it for gawd sake. Enough said.

Pong be gone: Lemons.

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I always have lemons in my fridge. If I've been handling raw fish, I squeeze some lemons straight onto my hands, or straight onto any surface or even into the garbage and the smell is gone. Shazaa.

Grease your parts: Olive Oil.

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I hate dry skin and am obsessed with always having hand cream and lip balm nearby. Especially in the kitchen where I'm washing my hands every other minute. My husband thinks I'm OCD but that's another story. If neither cream or balm are available, I use olive oil and it works very well.

Are you staring at those deodorant marks on my top? Baby wipes.

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There's a reason to lug baby wipes around in your bag, other than bottom/face/hand wiping. Baby wipes miraculously remove those bastard little white streaks that appear on your clothes when you're frantically trying to get dressed before your deodorant has had time to dry because your kids are attempting to murder each other and the dog.

None of the pimping of products in this post was paid for in any way, shape or form.
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Loukia said...

Fantastic post! I love the baby wipes suggestion - I will have to try that one day! And really, you use olive oil on your hands? They must be sooo soft! Nice! And frozen pizza is amazing. I cannot live without pizza!

Sarah said...

Baby wipes!! I use baby wipes to clean all sorts of things. Seriously. They take stains out of my couch, too. And, they are great for damp dusting if you are in a pinch 'cause they don't leave streaks and they are gentle.

..... Carmen said...

Olive Oil was what we were told to use on Grace's skin after she was born - thanks for the reminder I can use it too. My hands seem to be constantly dry lately. Also appreciate the tip on the baby wipes - had no idea they'd provide that fix!

Daddy Geek Boy said...

I love Montreal Steak Seasoning so much I've thought about making tea out of it. If that's wrong than I don't want to be right.

Very Bored Housewife said...

Great tips, especially the baby wipe one. Thanks.

Mammatalk said...

I thought the baby wipes thing was my invention. Great post!

Mwa said...

You and me are related. To all of the above: yes, yes, yes. Except the lemon thing - I didn't know that. So thanks!