Monday, November 2, 2009

Sleep Training Round II

"Everything seems fine." Said the doctor, smiling at Oliver who was perched on the examination table tearing up the paper sheet and shoving the pieces into his mouth delightedly.

"Great." I said, beaming.

"And, he's sleeping through the night?" She said, nodding expectantly, as though this was a given.

"Um. No. Not even close." I said somewhat amused by the very thought.

"Oh. Oh! And he's nine months? Oh." She scribbled something on her pad. "So he gets up, what, once per night?"

"More like three or four times." I winced, recounting last night's bleary-eyed crib visits.

"Oh. You must be tired." She said eyeing me.

What is it that gave me away doc? The dark circles under my eyes or the fact that my sweater is on back to front?

"Yes. I'm very tired."

In fact, while you're here, would you mind holding my baby while I just lay down on this examination table so I can catch a few winks?

"Time to do sleep training." She said firmly, writing something else on her pad. I wondered if she was writing out instructions for me.

"Because you're tired, I can see. And you can't carry on like this, especially with two young kids to look after."


Okay I didn't roar any of that. Obviously. I'm British after all.

I nodded in agreement.

Because my doctor was right. Her words, though obvious, simple, were true. I have resisted sleep training, but now I need to sleep. Tonight. So that I can rejoin the land of conscious, alert people.

So, wish me luck as I embark on sleep training round II. For reals.

And then I promise to stop banging on about how tired I am and write about something else.
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Maternal Tales said...

Oh sweetie!! I'm with you. You can do it. Buy ear plugs. Stick your head under the pillow. Anything. Hugs xx

Some kind of Wondermom said...

Good luck!! It's not easy... but short term pain for long term gain! Stay strong!!

Chic Mama said...

Oh poor you....does he sleep in the day? In his cot?
Email me if you like but I promise you if he's not then you need to sort out the day first.....and always ( while in training) wake him in the day BEFORE he has a chance to cry and associate that pattern.
I had exactly the same thing and beat it in just a couple of days.
Take care. x

Mwa said...

Good luck with it! It hurts at the time, but you will be SOOOO happy afterwards. And proud of yourself. Oh, the best of luck to all of you!

Elaine A. said...

It will probably be tough the first few nights but it will be SO worth it in the end. For both of you! Promise... Good Luck!!

Bear and Bones Mama said...

Good luck. I really, really do know how hard it is. I didn't sleep train my first (who is 5 now) and paid for it (he nursed every couple hours all night until he was 18 months old). With number two we were on that same route, but when I started sleeping sitting up holding the baby in the rocker so he could nurse all night (smart, but hell I was tired)(and I was working full time) my husband put his foot down. We did The Sleep Lady technique, and by God it worked. The 9 month old would lay down and go to sleep ALL NIGHT after only a week of hardness on me!!! Not bad. Of course it all got screwed up when we moved him at 2 out of our room and into his brothers room, and now we're at wits end again because neither will go to sleep unless I'm in there wth then. So I'm Sleep Lady-ing it's a shuffle where you're with them and then slowly over a couple of weeks move farther away. Email me if you want to talk about it.

Badass Geek said...

Being chronically tired is horrible. I haven't had a decent night's sleep in more than two years. I hope this works for you.

Sparkless said...

When I did sleep training with my first baby I would plug my ears and watch the clock. I just couldn't listen to him cry. After two nights he was sleeping through the night.

Consider it your job to teach him to sleep through the night. Not only will you get a good nights sleep but so will he.

Sending you lots of hugs and I hope you get a good sleep soon.

Karen @ If I Could Escape . . . said...

Hugs. I know how tough it is! It worked for my first son, but unfortunately not for my other two boys. Thankfully, they all sleep thru the night. My littlest one is still co-sleeping with us though. Yeah . . . not sure when that's going to end!

Loukia said...

GOOD LUCK TO YOU!!!!! I have no words of advice, as I slept with my first born until he was 2 and a half, and then my second baby was born, and he is now 22 months old and I STILL sleep with him. While yes, they do sleep throughout the night, I'd like to figure out a way to keep baby in his crib past 1 a.m. !!! What happens is, I lie down with him to put him to sleep on my bed... he falls asleep... and I carry him to his crib. Then, at 1 a.m. without fail: "MAMA! MAMA!" he calls, half asleep... I go to him, and bring him to my room. I try to console him in his crib, but he won't have it! Anyway. I'm just rambling! Cleary I need to blog aboat this! GOOD LUCK TO YOU my friend...

James (SeattleDad) said...

Good Luck! We tried a program called Sleep Sense which worked well for us. Insane at first but it did work well in the end.

Kate Coveny Hood said...

I want to come up with something other than "good luck" - but that's all I've got.

It was a long hard road for me as well - but it does end. Hope the sleep training helps!

Maria @BOREDmommy said...

I feel for you - my son was a sleep tyrant. I learned my lesson with my daughter though - did everything the opposite way, and she has been a dream!! SUPERNANNY saves!!! Get her books and read them for advice - she knows what she's talking about!

Yaya said...

Good luck! Stay strong!