Sunday, January 31, 2010

Little moments that matter (going, going, gone).

I love being a parent. When friends who don't have children ask me what it's like to be a mother, I'm almost at a loss for a good answer because there are so many reasons.

It's the little moments, in particular, that make my heart really happy.

~ Reading: We love books, and for me, there are few things as satisfying as reading a story with one of my kids curled into my lap, watching them absorb the words and study the pictures on the page.

~ Dancing: They both love to dance (in our arms). Matthew calls it "carry dance". Most days I dance with him at least once, despite the fact that he weighs almost 40 lbs (my back = owie). Watching the expression of utter glee on his face as we spin around the room is brilliant.

~ Food: There's something very satisfying about watching my kids eat a warm, nutritious meal that I've cooked. And okay, much of the time food ends up smeared on surrounding walls, floor, dog, clothes... As long as some of it ends up in their mouths, I'm happy!

~ Bedtime: It's one of the few peaceful moments of the day in our house. I sit in the nursery with Oliver on my knee, reading his bedtime story in the dim light of the lamp, enjoying the quietness and the affection of the moment.

~ Soothing: About twenty times a day, Oliver (who's just starting to walk) crawls up to me and bounces on his knees, raising his arms to me. The fact that he wants me to hold him - that I can soothe him, is such a great feeling.

~ Watching them interact: Granted, they don't always get along. But, witnessing the occasion when my toddler hand his little brother a toy, or kisses his head, fills me with joy.

Lately, perhaps because I'm aware of the speed at which my kids are growing, I find myself trying harder to recognize the small moments. Because a lot of the time, I'm so wrapped up in the stuff of life - taking care of the family, the home, dealing with tiredness from sleepless nights, worrying about all manner of things, striking a balance, studying, etc. - it's hard too catch hold of the small moments as they arrive and leave so quickly.

How about you? How do you find time to enjoy the little moments?
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Sparkless said...

I have a teen and a tween and I find that now that they are older and I'm not so sleep deprived those moments are still coming and I'm able to enjoy them more than when they were little. Those early years were a challenge but they were special too.

Mwa said...

I have to stop and think about it, too. I like cuddling a lot.

Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy said...

You're right - most of the time I'm so caught up in the trying to get them back to the state that they started the day (ie clean, pjs and asleep) that it is easy to miss those lovely little moments that motherhood is made of. Thanks for reminding me!

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

Time flies by way too fast - it is important to relish the special moments, isn't it? :)

Keyona said...

The moments do come and go so quickly. We don't even see them go. One day they are crawling and the next running. :)

Mammatalk said...

Ya gotta grab those moments when ya can, ya know?

Elaine A. said...

I really liked reading this because it's kinda of in contrast to my post today.

We do need to cherish these moments because they will be gone before we know it...

Tammy said...

Yes! I love the "carry dances"! Pretty soon they'll be asking us to drop them off a block away.. haha..

Lady Mama said...

Sparkless - I can't wait to finally feel awake enough, and have enough time to really enjoy these moments.

Mwa - Just wish I had more time to stop and think.... maybe one day.

Brit in Bosnia - Exactly! I feel like I'm just trying to keep up with the basics most of the time.

Stacy - It really is.

Keyona - My baby just started walking and just like that, he's a toddler...

Mammatalk - Yup!

Elaine - They're gone way too soon.

Tammy - Haha, the carry dances are my favourite (not my back's so much).

James (SeattleDad) said...

Perfectly said. I too love all of those things.

And outdoor peeing too. :)