Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fools in April.

Let's play give me a clue! I'll describe the symptoms I've been dealing with over the past few days, and you take a guess at the diagnosis.



- I've disinfected my house about ten times.
- I've done an abnormally large amount of laundry.
- I have washed my hands so many times they're raw.
- I've used about seventy thousand Lysol wipes and pieces of kitchen towel.
- I have thanked my stomach for being like a steel tank.

Did you guess?


Stomach flu. Which, really, should just die and leave me alone forever.

And so, because I presently lack the energy and time to write the posts that are floating around my brain, instead I'm going to recount some of the best April Fool's Day pranks ever played.

Spaghetti Tree Hoax: a famous 3-minute hoax report broadcast on April Fool's Day in 1957 by the BBC current affairs programme Panorama. It told a tale of a family in southern Switzerland harvesting spaghetti from the fictitious spaghetti tree, broadcast at a time when this Italian dish was not widely eaten in the UK and some Britons were unaware spaghetti is a pasta made from wheat flour and water. Hundreds of viewers phoned into the BBC, either to say the story was not true, or wondering about it, with some even asking how to grow their own spaghetti trees.

Left Handed Whoppers
: In 1998, Burger King ran an ad in USA Today, saying that people could get a Whopper for left-handed people whose condiments were designed to drip out of the right side. Not only did customers order the new burgers, but some specifically requested the "old", right-handed burger.

: In 1965, the BBC purported to conduct a trial of a new technology allowing the transmission of odor over the airwaves to all viewers. Many viewers reportedly contacted the BBC to report the trial's success.

Taco Liberty Bell: In 1996, Taco Bell took out a full-page advertisement in The New York Times announcing that they had purchased the Liberty Bell to "reduce the country's debt" and renamed it the "Taco Liberty Bell."

Water on Mars
: In 2005 a news story was posted on the official NASA website purporting to have pictures of water on Mars. The picture actually was just a picture of a glass of water on a Mars candy bar.

Vacation on Mars: Expedia ran a prank on 1 April 2009, offering flights to Mars.

Colour TV: In 1962 the Swedish national television did a 5-minute special on how one could get colour TV by placing a nylon stocking in front of the TV. A rather in-depth description on the physics behind the phenomena was included.

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Kristy said...

Those are great! Hmmm, so tomorrow's April Fools. I'll have to be thinking of any pranks I can pull - I love playing jokes at work! By the way, I gave you a Beautiful Blogger Award and One Fine Blog Award!

Anonymous said...

Fun! I'll be on edge all morning tomorrow wondering what's real and what's not. I get sucked into one every year and always feel the idiot.

sarah said...

God help the person who plays a trick on me tomorrow!

And I really hope you feel better soon!!!

Miz Dinah said...

Sorry about the flu bug. I was going to guess obsessive-compulsive with a side of germophobia. :)

Loukia said...

Ack! Hope you feel better soon! That's not fun at all! Also, thank you for reminding me tomorrow is April Fool's Day!

LisaDay said...

I hope you feel better.


Mwa said...

Great ones! We had a report on the news over here a couple of years back saying the government were going to sponsor sun beds for people who were down from the winter weather. They got a minister to come and announce this on the news.

I hope you'll be well soon.

Anonymous said...

I love the whopper one!

James (SeattleDad) said...

I hope you are feeling better by now too.

LOL at the whopper one too. Know thy audience I guess.

Jenn @ Delicious Ambiguity said...

I hope your feeling better. I've given you the Sunshine award:

Jenn @ Delicious Ambiguity said...
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Jenn @ Delicious Ambiguity said...
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