Monday, April 19, 2010

Potty Training. Round 2.

We tried to potty train our toddler (now a pre-schooler) last September. Despite my enthusiastic endeavours involving a water bottle strapped to a stuffed rabbit, several desert-sized treats and a new set of Disney underwear - the attempt fell flat on its face.

After that, basically, we forgot about it - pretended the issue had gone away. For six months we mumbled in hushed, unpromising voices about getting around to toilet training at some point in the future. Soon. Very soon. By the time he's three. Probably.

But soon is, um, here.

So, in a half-baked effort to revitalize the potty training effort, we've been gearing up in small steps. For instance, we've watched the Elmo Potty Time movie. About five times. Because anything that Matthew likes, that suggests that potty training is a good thing, is a good thing.

So we watched. And watched again. And we sung the "Potty Time" song. Over and over until one night I went to bed humming it and J gave me the same disapproving look as the time I tried seductive pirate talk at bed time.

And afterward, I spoke to him in a tone the denoted the seriousness of the situation: "So, Matthew, you know, Elmo isn't a baby any more. He's a big boy! And you know what big boys do? They pee and poop in the potty. They don't use diapers any more! Isn't that great?"

My pep talk was met with stony silence and a look of repugnance.

"And you know what, Matthew? You're not a baby, any more. You are a big boy. And so, that means it's time to throw away your diapers and use the potty! Yaaay!"

Silence. Then.

"No Mama, I'm not a big boy. I'm a small boy. I'm no throw away my diapers!"

And with that, he was gone in the direction of shiny toy trucks.

Not to be deterred, we kept on with our efforts: bringing out the fun underpants; showing him the brilliant amazing potty; talking about how some of his friends use the potty.

Still, no signs of hope.

Nevertheless, it has to be done soon. Actually, by September, to be precise, when he starts pre-school. My new plan involves summer days outdoors in the garden (where accidents don't matter), popsicles in abundance, and, most importantly, a case of wine for the evenings after.
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Megan said...

I love your new plan of attack. I have a fabulous deck (to drink wine on) ...if you need to escape!

I always gave my oldest plenty to drink during potty training. People thought we were nuts. We really wanted her to learn what it felt like to HAVE to go potty. It worked... she was just over 3.

Cheers to you! It will happen...and he'll be glad to be a "big boy"

..... Carmen said...

You know what my Mom did with my older brother? She put him on the potty, in front of the TV, and gave him copious amounts of things to drink. Everytime he went, she praised him and gave him candy. It seems to have worked - he's 34 with no accidents (that I know of) ;) I didn't sit G on the toilet, but I did do pretty much the same thing. Kept her inside for two days straight, gave her everything possible to drink, and kept the potty in the kitchen. Praise praise praise! Candy works for some, perhaps a movie or stickers would work for Matthew? Stickers towards the purchase of a new shiny truck???

sarah said...

The plan sounds awesome, mine was hard too, 3 1/2 I finally got him trained, part of what helped me was just flat out throwing his diapers away

Elaine A. said...

I'm in the same boat - you know the one 'without out paddle'? Yeah that one. G will be 3 in a few weeks and he has NO interest. I could have written half of this post (I have yet to try At All...) Ugh.

Lady Mama said...

Megan - I'll have to try the plenty of water thing. Thanks for the tip!

Carmen - getting M on the potty in the first place could be challenging. But I agree with the advice about the praising and the candy. And yes, good idea about the stickers and the truck!

Sarah - Good to know that other people trained around 3 yrs.

Elaine - brutal isn't it? M has no interest either. Good luck to us both.

Andrea (ace1028) said...

We turned 3 in Feb, and we're NOT there. I'm not trying as hard as I should, cause she's so d@mned stubborn. Gets that from me, tho, so I can't be that mad, can I? ;) Anyway, good luck! I'll be in the wine-drinking boat with you soon!

gringationcancun said...

About 25 years ago, my parents strapped my oldest sister to the toilet and gave her some books. No kidding.

She was not happy, but it worked.

Loukia said...

Don't worry! He will be potty trained before you know it, I swear!!!!

Mammatalk said...

We're on the September timeline, too. I'll be your support partner.
Hang in there!

Lady Mama said...

Andrea - my son has inherited my stubbornness too. Not helpful!

gringationcancun - That sounds, um, interesting!

Loukia - thanks for the reassurance!

Mammatalk - okay, I'll be looking for support for sure.

MummyMatters said...

Oooh I've been thinking of starting potty training with my daughter but she's not actually 2 until June so after reading your post and everyones comments I'm thinking maybe I will wait for a little while yet!

Also I'm pregnant again so I wouldn't be able to drink the wine in the evenings - I'll definitely wait until I'm not pregnant!!

Good luck, I'm sure Matthew will get there soon xx

LisaDay said...

Good luck with your deadline. I am thinking the babe may have his own deadline though.


Mwa said...

You stole my plan! I'm doing the same with my daughter, who's going to school in September.

Kristy said...

Sounds like a plan. You'll have to let us know how it goes. I am dreading this piece of wonderful in my future.

Amanda said...

Just catching up on your blog... obviously I'm quite behind. I just didn't want you to feel alone... N still refuses to entertain the idea of potty training. I think we're going to try a 3-day blitz on the July long weekend (well, turn it into a long weekend and have 1 fun day and 3 potty/likely-hellish days). I'll send you the e-book a friend sent on this...

Preschool is looming!