Thursday, May 6, 2010

Immature Mum. Not in the age sense.

Every day I make sensible, adult choices for my kids. I tell them to finish all their vegetables; I instruct my toddler not to whack the dog over the head with the phone; I make them wash the caked-on dirt from their hands before dinner (well, most of the time).

But sometimes I don't feel like being mature. Because being sensible all the time is so... what's the word.... mind numbingly dull. It's boring to always be the one with the sensible decisions and the wise words and the wipes and hair brushes and band aids. Etc.

Sometimes, I want to be the one to flick my yogurt across the room and let it land wherever it lands. And I want to toss the laundry that someone else has been carefully folding on the floor and let someone else pick it up. And I want to play chase around the backyard screaming "I'm gonna get you!!" with the hose and cackling loudly.

And so, sometimes, when my son challenges me, instead of taking the grown-up approach, I just challenge him right back.

For instance.

He'll ask, fake-innocent, provoking, "What you talking 'bout Mama?" even though he knows full well I've just asked him to put away the crayons he's been colouring with.

Then I start the stare-down.

"What are you talking 'bout Matthew?" I say, equally daring.

"No. What YOU talking 'bout MAMA?"

"No. What YOU talking 'bout MATTHEW!?"

"No. YOU."

"No. YOU."


"No. YOOOUUU!!!!"


And so on. Until the dog starts howling.

When he badgers to me to play hide-and-seek right as I'm making dinner, I finally relent, find the best hiding place I can, and after letting him look for me for five minutes, I jump out at him yelling "BOO!", making him, his brother and the dog scream and yelp all at once. It honestly sounds like a zoo is being murdered.

And after I'm done pretending I'm five, I go right back to being mature, responsible Mummy, making the dinner and telling everyone to use their "indoor voices please".

How about you? Do you have immature moments too?
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Lil said...

I so know how you feel. I too like to play hide'n'seek and play swords with Lexi, or build a lego house. I feel kids makes you older in a one sense yet allow you to have a second childhood in another.

rheanne said...

These days my immature moments have been taking over. As much as I know that it isn't the most responsible parent choice, I have been doing crazy see-if-you-can-balance-on-my-legs-and-arms kind of moves with my boys right before bed over the last few days. It isn't exactly a relaxing nighttime ritual, but it is so fun to see them giggle and be able to just play with them. The immature moments are just another reason that having little children is so amazing!

Mwa said...

NEVER! Of course not! Have I not mentioned that my favourite game is to try to lick my children's faces? :-)

diney said...

Only the other day I got fed up with tidying up and cleaning again so I had a very immature moment and shrieked with manic laughter as I threw all the neatly ironed clothes up into the air then gave them a little petulant kick for good measure. I felt great for a micro second, then realised that it would be me who had to pick them all up and fold them again.....bah!

dodi-dodi said...

I teach five and six year olds, and sometimes I just want to fold my arms, pout, and say, "I don't wanna talk to you anymore. Go find another teacher" It's just simply exhausting constantly reinforcing rules and not having the ability to be creative when doing it. There are definitely moments of feeling inspired by my kids, but every now and then, it's just difficult to not let that five and six year old self inside you not come through.

Elaine A. said...

Are you talking about how like the 6 yr old and I were throwing flower at each other the other night while making cookies for his teacher? Yeah, we have those moments here too! LOVE IT! :) Happy Mother's Day, btw!

Mrs. Beer said...

The monotony of stay-at-home-momminess has caused me to do things I shouldn't for sure. For example, I caught my 18 month old picking all the chocolate chips off her after-dinner cookie and shoving them in her diaper yesterday. I let her do it so I could have something to talk about with my husband later. Also, I thought it was probably really fun for her after being told "no" all day.

Christine said...

I snorted in laughter when I read this. I'll admit I'm positively boring when it comes to this. Zero creativity. My husband, he rocks at the immature though. Maybe I should learn to take a page from his book.

Kate Coveny Hood said...

Does offering a spontaneous trip to the closest ice cream parlor just because I want some count?

Maria @BOREDmommy said...

Omg, I have to do this all the time, or the boredom overpowers ma brain!!! I do crazy voices, mimicking them, dancing around like a crazy person, dress up and play star wars - you name it, I've done it. All in the name of sanity!!!

Loukia said...

Gosh, yes, I'm SUCH an immature mom! I whine almost as much as my children do!