Thursday, June 10, 2010

My dog needs a weight reduction plan and a life coach.

Yesterday J took Bongo to the vet.

This is Bongo: part Australian Shepherd, part Border Collie, part something unknown. One eye is brown, the other, green. He is slightly OCD about birds and balls and sheds way too much hair during the summer months.

He has an owie on his foot.

Oh. Excuse me, I need to switch to adult talk. Too many hours spent talking baby.

What I meant to say is, his thumb nail got caught in something (do dogs have thumb nails?), causing it to tear part way off and little red drops of blood to shed in a trail on the floor and him to limp around feeling sorry for himself for a couple of days.

Me, being the mean one, was willing to let the nail fall off. Or, rip it off and let the paw heal by itself.

J, being the nice one, promptly took Bongo to the vet before I could formulate any other solutions.

The vet ripped the sucker right off, and now Bongo is sporting a fancy little bandage and hobbling around the house looking woeful.

Bongo looking sad with his bandaged paw.

But, what was far more disturbing than the ripping off of the nail, was what the vet told J.

"She said Bongo is overweight."

"What?" I shrieked, protectively. I may be a mean Mum, but he's still my baby dog. "What does she mean overweight?"

I inspected Bongo for excess pudge but could see none.

"Apparently she should be able to feel his lower ribs easily, and she couldn't."

"That's ridiculous. Who wants to be able to find ribs easily? Easily-found ribs mean starvation."

"She says he should be getting one-and-a-half to two cups of dog food per day."

"That's absurd."


"Because right now I give him five or six cups, plus tidbits."

J spits out drink.

"What did you say? How much? What?"

"He likes to eat!" I protested. "He needs food! He's always hungry! It's not my fault!"

It's true. That's how it goes in this house - he eats the food in his bowl, I refill it. There's leftovers, I give them to him. I'm chopping something in the kitchen and he stands beside me staring with his big, doleful eyes, I cave.

I guess I have to resist the temptation to cave and overfeed him, as my motherly instincts would have me do.

Because, not enough exercise + too many snacks = lardy dog with unfindable ribs.

Time for a doggy diet.
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..... Carmen said...

Poor Bongo. Tell him Cliff has been on a doggy diet for two years. It was finally this past year where our vet told us his weight was fine. Hopefully Bongo's diet doesn't have to last as long as Cliff's ;)

Sparkless said...

Bongo isn't the only one who needs a diet and life coach! I hope his paw feels better soon. He's a handsome boy fat and all.

diney said...

Bongo is so cute! My kitten Saffy was also told by our vet that she was overweight and she has gone off in a sulk, as cats do.!

LisaDay said...

Yup, our cat was on a kitty diet, too. Apparently we all cave to those beautiful multi-coloured eyes.


Jennyre said...

That's KARAZY how much your dog gets to eat right now! Must have a good metabolism because he looks fabulous despite what your vet says! Our 100 lb. lab is officially jealous. He gets 1.75 cups a day of food (and remains overweight). He does still shark around all day, grabbing food from the kids. Hope the diet is reasonably painless. When he's better, take him on hill walks if you don't already. It works wonders on their waistlines!

Gringation Cancun said...

My dogs used to eat kibble, and I'd leave it in the bowl all day and they'd go through about a cup a day, each.

Now that they have a new diet of mostly actual meat, fish and chicken, they can't control themselves! I have a hard time figuring out how much each one needs. They eat until they're pretty much full, but they're still super-skinny

I think Bongo is quite dashing.

Kate Coveny Hood said...

Ha! That totally reminds me of my dog growing up. For a while we had a nice Latin woman named Maria who cleaned our apartment, walked the dog and was there to watch us when we got home after school. At some point, our dog, Cricket got really fat. There were trips to the vet, questions, etc. etc. and no one knew why.

Then one day, Maria mentioned to my Mom, "Crickie ees so cute. Whenever he hungry, he jus' tap his bowl...tap tap tap." Mystery solved.

Lisa said...

I too am the owner of a "lardy dog." I blame the tid bits. I can't help it. Roger literally smiles when I open the treat bin and who can resist and big toothy dog smile?