Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Proudest Mum On The Block.

My son started preschool yesterday.

In the car he asked me, "Mommy, are you going to stay with me?".

"No sweetie." I said. "I have some things to do, but I'll be right back to pick you up in a few hours."

He paused for a bit, thinking about this.

For a second I was afraid. Afraid of leaving him. Afraid of him not wanting to be left. Afraid my little boy is growing up too fast.

"I won't cry Mommy." He said, bravely.

I smiled proudly back at him. "Oh there's no need to cry honey. School is great! You're going to love it."

In the classroom, he indulged me with a kiss goodbye before running back to his new friends at the sand box.

My baby. My boy. Now a school kid.
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Elaine A. said...

He looks ready! What a sweet boy... so glad it went well! :)

LisaDay said...

And did you cry for a moment?


Loukia said...

And did you cry? What a cute, sweet, brave little boy! Aww. So emotional, huh?

Lady Mama said...

I didn't actually. Surprisingly!

Mwa said...

So sweet! And brave!

Momma Sunshine said...

Awww...congrats! That's so great!! :-)

Diney said...

He didn't cry - but I just know that you must have! Another milestone reached.

Maria @BOREDmommy said...

What a doll! It goes by SO fast. Cannot believe my 3yo is in JK already.

Lisa said...

Aww. What a cutie. Your son that is. Ok fine, you're cute too. ;) P.S. I'm SO GLAD you're back blogging again. Yay!