Sunday, October 3, 2010


I'm okay with my body.

I feel almost guilty saying it, like I should whisper it or something. I'm okay with my body, but shhhh, don't tell anyone! Because I'm not thin, not even on the thin side of slim. I feel as though I should want to be as thin as the size 2 female celebrities in movies, TV shows, magazines and basically everywhere.

Right now I'm a size 10 or 12 (US), depending on which store I'm shopping at. I can't get away with wearing whatever I want, and I estimate I'm carrying an excess of about 10 lbs. From the side, my tummy makes me look as though I could be a few months pregnant. My butt is not on the small side (then again it's never been). My breasts are bigger than they were before I had kids and I'm still getting used to that. And when I'm carrying a little extra weight you can see it, as you can with everyone in my family, in my face.

Before I had Matthew I was slim. Or, rather, I was on the stocky side of slim. And that is exactly how I like to be. It's where my body feels right. Slim enough to wear almost anything I wanted, but with enough flesh to show a bit of a curve, fill out a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. I was a size 8 then.

For me, there's something comforting and womanly about being full-figured. Maybe it's to do with the satisfaction of food, of eating well. Or maybe I'm stocking up in case of an emergency - you know, in case I get caught in a storm or.... um.... something, for, like, days....? Okay, maybe not.

But it would be nice to feel okay about feeling okay about my figure (minus the excess 10 lbs), instead of always hearing that finicky voice telling me I should want to be thinner, that thinner is what's acceptable. 

Which is why I like seeing curvaceous women celebrities in the media. Because those are the ones with the influence. Not to get into a huge thing about why women of a "normal" size should feel okay with their bodies (that horse has been flogged too many times), but I suspect the acceptance of fuller figures will eventually happen, not with advertisers forcing the message down our throats (mentioning the names of no white feathered bird skincare companies), but by real women in the spotlight, content with their natural body shape.

Like these curvy ladies.

Sofia Vergara

Jennifer Lopez

Catherine Zeta-Jones 

 Nigella Lawson

Salma Hayek

Kate Winslet
Scarlett Johanson

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LisaDay said...

Don't give into peer pressure. Give in to liking yourself. It is indeed rare.


Mwa said...

Good for you!
I feel just the same some days, but other days it's harder. But I wouldn't want to be too slim either. Like you, I'd like to lose 10 lbs. But then with a 1 1/2 month old baby, I think that's okay.

Loukia said...

OMG, just reading your post now and I WROTE ALMOST THE SAME THING TODAY! About loving my body, about being okay with not being a size 2!I'm a totally happy size 10. Totally. And these celebs you've posted pictures of here? I love them. GORGEOUS!

Elaine A. said...

Now if ONLY I was THAT kind of curvy. B00bs like that would be awesome! ;)

Just kidding... kinda...

I'm more comfortable with my body now that I've ever been actually. I think it's something about knowing that I've birthed 3 babies.

Nikosmommy said...

Great post! I wish I could say that I'm at peace with my size 12-ness, but really I'm not. I keep longing to be 10lbs less. Always! (never mind that I'm actually thinner than I was pre-babies?!)
I suppose the expectation is to be thin as possible, and if not totally thin then to at least complain about it.
Women get a raw deal. Societies expecatations are so tough to live up to!
SO glad you're happy with where you're at and how it feels!!!

If I Could Escape . . . said...

What a great post and I couldn't agree more. I'm fighting a losing battle trying to lose 10 pounds since having my last son. And, am really trying embrace being curvy/ier.

Fiona said...

I'm applauding you!
Well written. I'm not obese but i could lose a few pounds and I'm mostly happy with my body too.
Though people are shcoked at that. Apparently I'm supposed to strive to be a skeleton to be happy ???

Fickle Cattle said...

Curvy ladies are the best looking girls I think.

I am Fickle Cattle.

Paging Doctor Mommy said...

I need to bookmark this post and come back to it again and again. I'm okay with my "larger" self now... but I'm 8 months pregnant so of course I'm okay with it! I want to still be happy with myself a few months after baby is born. It's time to think of terms of being healthy instead of being skinny!