Saturday, October 23, 2010

Scowly Nanny

Nanny #10 came over on Thursday, to interview for our newly-available Wednesday babysitting slot.

My first indication that things weren't going to go well was when she called fifteen minutes before she was due to arrive to inform me she was "running late and very stressed". Oh. Um. Okay. I told her not to worry, I wasn't rushing out anywhere.

When she arrived she was wearing what I can only assume was her scowliest scowly face. Both sons came to greet her at the door with a string of incomprehensible words all yelled out at the same time "HI I'M MATTHEW! / YOU / HI / WHAT ARE YOU / WHO? / DOING HERE? / HI! / I HAVE A BIG DINOSAUR? / BRRRRM!".

She shrugged and replied "I didn't understand a thing you just said." To which they both gawked at her, and then continued babbling. 

Underneath my nervous laugh I considered telling scowly nanny she had the wrong house, or yelling FIRE!! and closing the door, or, just closing the door.

But since she was here, I decided to just go with it.

Scowly nanny curled up in a chair, legs pulled protectively into her, as though she was about to be interrogated over her school grades. I asked her the usual questions: How long have you been a nanny? Where are you from? What kinds of activities do you usually do with the kids you babysit? Etc.

The boys approached occasionally, to ask more questions and stare at her in the eye-boggling way only a child can get away with. Each time she mustered a faux-cheery response before returning to her frown.

Maybe she was having a really bad day.

After approximately fourteen minutes and twenty six seconds and several long, uncomfortable silences in which I think she might actually have rolled her eyes, I was about done with the interview. I thanked scowly nanny for coming and said good bye.

As the door closed I breathed a sigh of relief she was gone, and another sigh for the thought of facing yet more nanny interviews.
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Midwest Mommy said...

Seriously she thought she could get a job like that? Wow, just wow!

The Tompkins Family said...


Kate Coveny Hood said...

She needs to rethink her current profession... Clearly this woman should be in customer service!

Miz Dinah said...

Oy! Can you call Nanny 911 on a nanny??? ;)

Mwa said...

Good interview technique! Seems rather obvious - do not scowl.

LisaDay said...

I bet she wonders why she can't get a job.


Merry said...

Wow! I think another interview is way better than giving her a job. I agree with LisaDay that she wonders why she can't get a job.