Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Secret Elevator

Last week I heard my son call out to his little brother "Oli! Come with me into the elevator!" I listened, intrigued. I heard my son's closet door open, then close, and the two of them giggling and shrieking inside. "Going up!" and then "Going down!". Their little elevator adventure went on for a while, with the occasional "Agghhhh!" and "Nooooo!" and eventually "Get off!!!!" and "Give me that back!!!".

My son has a thing for elevators. He also has a vivid imagination.

A few minutes later, he asked me, with equal enthusiasm, "Mommy! Come see my elevator!" I crouched down inside the make-believe elevator and played along, pretending to go up and down the floors.

The next day, inspired by my son's imaginary game (much like something I would have done as a child), I decided to help craft something that would make his secret elevator more realistic. Or, what really happened is, I talked J into making something, since he's far better at crafty things. With a few materials from a craft store, he put together two elevator panels with buttons, one for the outside and one for the inside.

Needless to say, the boys thought it was the best thing since sliced.... elevators! Or something!

How to make your own Secret Elevator panels. 

You'll need
- Two black foam-board rectangles
- A pack of brightly coloured foam circles and shapes
- A black sharpie or marker pen
- Blu-Tack. 

Take two black foam-board rectangles, one bigger than the other. For the outside panel: Stick two round, brightly-coloured foam circles onto the black rectangle panels to make the buttons, then use a black sharpie to draw arrows pointing up and down. For the inside panel: Stick six round foam circles onto the other black foam panel for the buttons, and use a black sharpie to number the buttons 1-6. We added four more buttons to the panel as well: one with a picture of a phone; one that looked like a speaker to talk into; one to close the doors; one with a bell. Stick the panels onto the wall with Blu-Tack.

Hours of fun people! (And by that I mean, hours of quiet time for Mom and Dad obviously!)
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Elaine A. said...

As they say in England (where you are actually from) "BRILLIANT"!!!! :D

Seriously cute. You are the best parents EVAH!

Paging Doctor Mommy said...

You are one cool mom my dear! VERY CRAFTY!

naomi said...

How clever is that. If only my children would go off and start making something themselves without prompt.

Lisa said...

Awww, you're such a fun mama. :) I absolutely LOVE this idea!!!

LisaDay said...

Wow. That is crafty. We also played elevator but my friend's closet had a light. I was so jealous.


James (SeattleDad) said...

That's awesome. Lukas would really love this. Now we just need time to pull it off.