Thursday, October 21, 2010

When I'm feelin' good.

When I'm sleeping well at night, when I'm drinking my eight glasses of water, when I have a little time and energy, and a little contentment, that's when I'm feelin' good.

And when I'm feelin' good, I forget the small, inconsequential things like blog stats and dust bunnies under the sofa and whether or not I've ticked off everything on my to-do list. I worry less about the number of calories in the dessert I ate after dinner and more about how good it tasted.

When I'm feelin' good, I take better care of myself. I feed myself healthy foods, I drink more water and less coffee. I chew my food slowly instead of gulping it down as though it was my last meal. I take time to rest during the day instead of scrambling from one thing to the next without breaking. I take a walk outside and inhale the fresh air. I let thoughts come into my head instead of trying to cram more in there.

When I'm feelin' good, everything in front of me becomes clear, like an image coming sharply into focus through a lens. Not a hazy jumble of thoughts all clamouring for my attention. I realize what matters and what doesn't, which things require my attention and which don't. I can sort through all the noise and begin to make sense of it.

When I'm feelin' good, the time I spend with my family is a better quality time. I look into their eyes and listen carefully when they talk to me, taking in their jaggedy conversation and saving the sounds of their voices in my memory. I sit and watch them, following their buoyant moves as they jump and dance and spin around the garden.

When I'm feelin' good, I'm filled with inspiration by the things around me. The smell of freshly-ground coffee beans, the texture of a snowball, the colour of fall leaves in the park, patterns on a piece of fabric, flowers in someone's front garden, the smell of fresh mint. I make notes in a journal - ideas to be saved for something later, or not.

When I'm feelin' good, I'm filled with contentment for the moment and excitement for the future. I imagine what the years ahead of us look like as our sons grow up and become the people they're going to be. I think about the holidays we'll take in Europe, the places we'll go.

These moments of clarity have been sparse lately, several years of sleeping poorly and not taking the best care of myself will do that.But on the occasion when I'm feelin' good, I know it won't be long until these moments surface more frequently. And when they do, I'll appreciate them like never before.

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Elaine A. said...

Did you take all these pictures? If so, you've been some pretty awesome places.

I love your words here. Things are definitely more clear and easier to appreciate when feeling good...

Lady Mama said...

Yes I took them - some are from near where we live and others from more exotic places! Thanks.

Loukia said...

Wow, really, you took all these pics? Awesome! And, great post. So, so very true. When I feel good everything is good. I have never ending patience with my boys, even! ha! Truly, though. When my body feel good, when I'm rested, my mind feels good, and it's all so much better.

Lady Mama said...

Thanks Loukia.

Maybe I should have labeled the shots.

Pic #1 is Lake Louise in Alberta
#2 a sunflower from my garden
#3 a park called Sandy Beach in Calgary
#4 my son
#5 my other son
#6 taken in Cuba
#7 beach in Maui

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Beautiful pics! I loved this. If only it could be every day. The pictures you took are amazing.

Momma Sunshine said...

I totally understand where you're coming from. It's's when I'm NOT feeling good that I need to remember to do all of these things more than ever, and sadly, I don't.

Great post! :-)

LisaDay said...

Here's hoping for feeling good more often then not.


naomi said...

Great post and I love all the photos. Paragraph one is when I feel good the most. Eating well and sleeping well.

Mwa said...

A little oasis of a post.

Metropolitan Mum said...

Great pics!!

I'd love to have another baby, but then I am just starting to feel better again. Nope, not ready to trade feeling good in for another one. Not yet :)

Midwest Mommy said...

I need to find this more often. I too have had too many years of not enough sleep and not enough time spent taking care of me. I need to work on this.

fiona2107 said...

I love this!!
Thank you for helping me to put everything into perspective and enjoy life as it is....
Gorgeous choice of pictures too btw....