Monday, November 22, 2010

The photographs tell a different story.

"We should take the kids and Bongo out for a walk." Said J.

I tried to do my best I'm invisible impression by sinking as far into the back of the sofa as possible and pulling a blanket over me.

"Really? Is that a good idea?"

I looked out and saw roads, roofs and trees covered in what looked like thirty inches of snow and more falling from the sky.

"If we don't go out when it's -14, we'll never go out when it's -25."

He made a good point, but still, not going out was tempting. I thought about whether staying inside for the next four months - just riding it out in our pajamas with mugs of hot chocolate and movies - would really be such a bad thing.

Nevertheless, we got ready to go out, bundling the kids up in so many layers it was difficult to tell whether there were still people under there. Oliver, who could hardly move, lay on the kitchen floor as though making a snow angel, arms and legs flapping helplessly.

About twenty five minutes after we left the house, we returned, unable to venture any further into the deep snow with the kids, who were constantly falling over, face-forward in the snow, begging to be carried, and losing gloves every second. Bongo was happy - he merrily rolled in the snow, covering his fur and whiskers in white sprinkles. 

Back inside, sweating and a little screwy from the whole kerfuffle, there's a slight chance I might have muttered something along the lines of "I'm NEVER bloody going out for a walk AGAIN!".

Me = Grinch.

But, later, when we were settled down for the evening, I was looking back through the pictures I'd taken of our walk. And there it was, the miracle of photographs. Instead of all the turmoil - all the getting clothes on and off, wiping runny noses, slips and falls, sweating, etc., I saw a different story: two happy little boys, exploring in the snow, making snowballs, giggling, playing, enjoying it. And I'll bet in a year's time, or ten year's time, that's all I'll remember.

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Midwest Mommy said...

That's some snow! You can keep it don't send any here :)

naomi said...

I hate the cold and getting wrapped up so much but the kids love it and it has to be done. You cant stay in all day especially when you have two boys. Good for you getting out and it looks like they had great fun.

xiao said...

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Metropolitan Mum said...

Haha. I sometimes wonder what's all behind these glammed up wedding pics you see on other people's chimney breasts.

Loukia said...

The 4th picture is my absolute favourite!! Aw, frame-able. And the pic of you with your little guy is adorable, too. I hate winter and I hate dressing the kids to go play outside. Yes, they do have fun though! But still... when will it be summer?

Mwa said...

You live on the North Pole, right?

Lady Mama said...

Midwest Mommy - oh I'm going to package some up and send it to you!

naomi - no, unfortunately I can't bury myself indoors. Sob.

Met Mum - Photographs should come with little write-ups.

Loukia - Thanks! Let's not talk about summer, it's too painful right now.

Mwa - Might as well. Tsk.

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Very true. i could have written the same post, as I tend to want to hibernate all winter as well. The boys? They need the time outdoors, don't they?

If I Could Escape . . . said...

Those are great photos!! We're forecast for snow this weekend and my boys can't wait!!

ModernMom said...

What a great perspective! I will try to remember this post when the snow squalls start here tonight??

James (SeattleDad) said...

Geesh that looks downright icy. But they sure do look like they enjoyed it.

Great pictures.

LisaDay said...


Great shots. It does look like fun. However, you can keep all that snow. I want some for when we go tree hunting next weekend and then it can melt until Christmas.