Wednesday, November 24, 2010

They'll never find their Christmas gifts!

When I was about five, I discovered that by poking a tiny little hole in the corner of a wrapped gift under the tree, I could figure out that the odd shaped package was, in fact, the True Heart Care Bear I'd been wanting. All without making it obvious I'd found out.

And because I was a nosy little bugger, it became a kind of tradition for me to hunt down my presents each year, and try to figure out what they were, either by poking a hole in the wrapping, or by inspecting the outside of the package.

One year, I actually unwrapped each one of my gifts, one by one, carefully peeling the tape off the wrapping paper to see exactly what was underneath. I know, it's awful and terrible. I am a terrible person.

You'd think all that sneaky present peaking would have ruined the fun of opening the presents. Bizarrely, it didn't.

My parents (here's where I try to redeem myself) had a knack for always getting me the perfect gifts, and so I was never disappointed. If anything, the sneaky peaking seemed to heighten the thrill of the forthcoming day. 

Anyway, remembering this leads me to think that, since my kids are - you know - my kids, and since they may have inherited some of my personalities traits, I suspect that they too, when they're older, might try to hunt down their presents before the big day.

Which? No WAY dudes. Your mother will outdo you every time, mark my words.

So adamant am I, that my kids will not find their presents in the manner I did as a child, that I even considered building a secret compartment into our basement when we were renovating a few years ago, specifically for this reason. Unfortunately, due to time and budget constraints, the secret compartment never materialized (at least I don't think it did!).

And so, in lieu of a secret compartment, we've unearthed the next best thing. In the last unrenovated room in the house, in the corner of the utility room, with a pile of tools and miscellaneous objects in it, as inconspicuous as a candy cane on a Christmas tree: the old, non-working refrigerator.

And now I think I deserve the evil laugh. Yes?


That's better.

Where do you hide your kids presents?

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Loukia said...

That is an awesome Christmas presents hiding place! Sure beats my 'just leave the gifts on top of the bookcase in my room, they'll never find them...' method! Actually, I have 2 pairs of pj's still there that the kids haven't found, but probably because they're not interetsed in something like that! ;) I did hide an aweasome dinosaur book there for my son, but my mother-in-law, not knowing it was a Christmas present, gave it to my son one day! Oops! Need a better hiding spot!

naomi said...

Mine are in the attic in a cupboard we dont use. The chidlren hardly ever go up there plus I think if they found them they would not unwrap them. They know the consequences!

Mwa said...

Great place!

We just do the top-of-the-wardrobe.

But what if your kids ever read your blog???

ShannonL said...

Ha! GREAT hiding place! We keep a few behind clothes in our closet, but the bulk of the gifts go over to my mom's house in her basement. It's not a finished basement so the kids never go down there when we visit.

And don't feel bad, there was one year (around age 12 I think) that I, too, carefully unwrapped all of my gifts before Xmas. My parents never knew. And like you, I was still really excited about them!! :-)

Mammatalk said...

My answer is classic- the closet. But, I am thinking I need to upgrade my secret hiding place. eek.

Lady Mama said...

Mwa - By the time they're old enough to read this I'll have found a much more secretive place!

ShannonL - That is a really good idea!

LisaDay said...

My friend was just like you. I, on the other hand, hate if my surprise is wrecked so if you tell me where the presents are hidden, I won't look.

However, I hide my little guy's gift in the spare bedroom closet. It was not a good spot as he was hiding in and discovered his gift. sigh. Good thing he is too little to remember.

My hope chest is a good hiding spot.


WhisperingWriter said...

Great idea.

I shove the present in the closet and hope that no one finds them.

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Well, last year I put them in a closet and told the kids NEVER to open that closet because I saw a giant mouse in there, actually, pretty sure it was a cat size rat, and it had huge teeth. That worked until they were scared to go to bed at night.

Elaine A. said...

I found my Cabbage Patch doll one year by accident and I was SO upset that I knew before-hand what I was getting. It kinda ruined my Christmas actually... stupid, I know...

All the gifts we've bought so far are still in my husband's trunk - ack!