Friday, December 17, 2010

I used to like fashion.

I used to like fashion. But these past few years, my desire to experiment with clothes has dwindled almost to the point of non-existence. My getting-dressed routine consists of throwing on a t-shirt and a pair of jeans - whichever are the most accessible at the time. If I'm feeling really creative, I'll put on a scarf or a pair of earrings. Whoop.

I was never stylish, but I used to enjoy playing with different styles and putting things together. I liked finding pretty things at markets and stores and it became almost like a hobby, collecting things.

I've no idea where most of those items even are now.

And then, this year, with things getting a little easier with the kids, I've found myself wanting to experiment again. I enjoy reading fashion blogs more than magazines - they're authenticity is far more intriguing to me than the professionally-styled photoshoots in their glossy pages.

I love Rebecca Woolf's Gone Style series. It's inspiring to see what everyday people (i.e. not celebrities) are doing with fashion, and how they make different pieces look good together that I would never even have considered.

Realistically, I wear about one tenth of what's in my wardrobe. Going through it yesterday, I discovered items stuffed right at the back and high up on the shelves, where I could hardly reach, entirely forgotten about. I pulled out a couple of items and tried them on. I felt suddenly inspired to experiment again, even if it was only with my dusty old stuff.

I put on this outfit, and took a picture, and as you can see, my son was "helping" me by chanting "oooooh mama!" and tugging on my skirt.

I felt kind of silly, experimenting, and the outfit was nothing special, but it was the first time, in a long time that I'd felt inspired. Unfortunately it didn't last long, because the tights were too, um, tight, and were cutting into me (they were from slimmer times), and the soles of the boots were too slippery for the snow outside. Eventually I returned to my jeans and t-shirt. Oh well.

But it was nice to play around for a while. Or even just to want to.
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Nikosmommy said...

The fashion and beauty blogs I read have re-inspired me after having my last baby. I've always loved fashion and makeup but it wasn't until i dropped (almost) all of my baby weight that I even remotely felt like shopping again. Some days I didn't even have time to shower, much less try and look good.

I prefer "real" peoples take on fashion and trends too. And I love people blogging about their looks and sharing where they shop so I can grab the look too if I want.

It's SO important to make time for yourself and try to look good so you'll feel good. Good on you for pulling out the tights and boots!
I have a rule, I must make a point to look "half decent" when leaving the house. This means makeup, some sort of hair style and "real clothes", no Lululemon yoga pants and UGG boots. Some days with the kids driving me batty it's just so hard to look good!

Midwest Mommy said...

I am starting to feel the same way. I think I have just been surviving these past five years with kids and now I am finally getting back to me.

ModernMom said...

I get that! It's so hard to make time for ourselves! I have decided jeans with a scarf IS stepping it up! Umm this might be because that is all I have time for:)
PS I luv your outfit!

LisaDay said...

Here's to a time when you can wear more than jeans and T-shirt.


Mwa said...

I put on a non-stained jumper to go out the other day. That was my dressing up. I applaud you! I wish I could get into half my clothes. I still have to lose about four kilos before I can. Sigh...

Metropolitan Mum said...

You look great in that outfit!
Usually I put together my daughter's outfit for the next day in the evening. I started doing the same thing for myself, as I find myself usually too tired to remember a) the basic rules of fashion and b) what's in my wardrobe.
PS: If your tights are too tight, just cut into the waistband at the front, back and if needs be at both sides. Funnily, it doesn't make them rip.

Elaine A. said...

You look great in that outfit! And it's hard to keep up brushing our teeth, much less fashion with little ones! Good for you for feeling inspired, I hope it leads to more fun with fashion for you. I miss it at times too but I try to keep up with some of the trends and looks somewhat stylish. Me myself, well I don't want to end up a "frumpy" Mom! ;)

Kate Coveny Hood said...

There are some good "every day average Jane" fashion blogs out there and they always inspire me to try harder. I find Winter to be particularly tough because you are more concerned with being warm than looking good. Or maybe that's just me.

Cute outfit!