Monday, January 17, 2011

Attack of the Monster Appetites

About a year ago, we had these two little boys, barely more than babies, who ate like little birds. They grazed on their meals, rarely eating more than half of what was laid in front of them, snacking  and nibbling and generally causing me to worry about whether they were getting enough.

I sounded like a broken record. "Do you want more? More? More?"

When I prepared dinner, I'd simply add on a little extra for the kids. Our grocery bill wasn't much more than when it had just been the two of us, save for the addition of disposable diapers and rice crackers.

Then, suddenly, the small picky babies woke up from a long sleep, and were no longer babies, but giant boys with monster appetites. No longer content with a bowl of cereal and some chunks of apple or banana for breakfast, they leapt up into their chairs at breakfast and demanded a full English breakfast.

Or at least that's what it felt like.

Now they eat as much, sometimes more than me at meal times. I noticed it yesterday at breakfast as I finished my two pancakes and half a grapefruit and M polished off four pancakes and a whole grapefruit. And at dinner last week when he had a third helping of rice with his dinner of chicken and vegetables. Consider, he's three-and-a-half, I'm thirty two.

And O, his little brother, isn't far behind either.

When they were picky eaters, I longed for them to eat more. I'd spend ages preparing all kinds of foods in the hopes I'd get something into them. So of course it's a huge relief to finally see them eating like humans.

And as I throw another chicken, enough bananas for ten monkeys, and three loaves of bread into my shopping cart, I'm aware that these appetites are only going to get bigger.

And bigger.

And bigger. 

Until one day, I'll just be continuously shopping and preparing food and shopping and preparing food to feed the equivalent of an army. Perhaps we'll move closer to Costco.

I just might need to take on another job to help pay for the groceries.

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Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

I feel you, so very much. I cannot believe how much those guys can eat here too! I'm thinking that as teenagers we are in serious trouble.

Mwa said...

I always love it when my children eat more, but now you have me worried about the groceries in the future. You're so right. My brother used to eat a loaf of bread by himself.

Elaine A. said...

This makes me think of when my Mom told me there was a time when my THREE older brothers would go through 3 gallons of milk a week (they ate a lot of cereal, me thinks...).

Lady Mama said...

Elaine, now I'm scared - 3 gallons a week?

Anonymous said...

Hehehe, I have one of each.

My 7 yr old son eats like a sparrow and just grazes whereas my 4 yr old son is like a bottomless pit!

I swear he eats more than me, i seem to be spending my entire day shovelling copious amounts of food into him !