Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Random generosity.

The nicest, most unexpected thing happened to me today while I was shopping for diapers at Walmart.

Walmart is not typically a place where nice things happen to me, and so when a complete stranger approached me, lightly touching my arm in the middle of the toothpaste and shampoo, I froze for a second. "You look great!" said the woman.

I was so taken aback by this random act of kindness that words failed me for a few seconds as I tried to string together a response. "Um. Thank you?"

"It says in my book," said the woman purposefully, "that when you see someone who looks good, you should tell them."

"Thank you."

That simple, thirty-second gesture completely made my day. As the woman walked away, I promised myself I would pass the same sentiment onto someone else over the next week and make someone else's day.
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Loukia said...

That is so awesome. :) It's little gestures like that, that can totally make someone's day! I bet you looked great!


Lizbeth said...

That's great! Wait, now I feel like I have to go freshen up! haha!

Christy said...

So awesome!

Skwishee said...

This is so funny - I have recently decided to do the same thing.

I've started walking up to complete strangers and telling them how much I like their boots or the way they've done their hair. Because who couldn't use a nice comment like that sometimes? So far, the result seems to be.. confusion.

I'm going to keep at it though, and hope that some of the flustered looks I'm getting are pleased-flustered and not creeped-out flustered.

(I have to add that I'm a really non-frightening short woman who usually has two small children with her...)

Christa said...

I don't know if it's my PMS(LOL) but that post brought a tear to my eye. What a lovely woman!
Thanks for sharing <3


Valerie said...

That's really something! I compliment someone's hair or outfit, etc, but never just how they look in general. Really nice! :)