Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Best Shopping Companions.

I have to admit that when it comes to clothes shopping I love to do it alone. I enjoy alone time like you wouldn't believe and I'm just lousy at shopping with other people. But, being with my kids all week, there are times when it's necessary to take them with me. For these occasions, I have an emergency shopping kit.

A few days ago I took my sons with me to look for a new sweater. With no hope of getting out on my own, I decided they were just going to have to come with me. In the store I ushered the boys into a fitting room under the worried eye of the sales assistant, armed with bundles of clothes (because I really can only get in and out of the fitting room once with two boys).

In the fitting room, I presented the boys with the emergency kit: loli pops and Thomas the Tank Engine magazines. The emergency kit is designed to give me approximately 7 minutes and 37 seconds of trying-on time.

After that I'm screwed.

The only problem with shopping alone or with kids is that there's no one to offer opinion. For this reason, I do enjoy shopping with my mother or husband, who both offer honest (sometimes too honest) assessments. And when there's no one to ask, sometimes I'll ask the shop assistant for their opinion.

On this occasion, grabbing at straws, I asked my sons to tell me what they thought of the sweater I was trying on: a red button-up cardigan. And then another: a long purple cardigan with belt.

"Which one do you think is best?" I asked my candy-faced sons.

"I like the red one" Said M.

"I like pooo-ple one," Said O.

I switched back and forth between the two, trying to decide.

"I think you should get them both mommy."

I love my son.

"You know what, I think you're right." I said. We left the fitting room with both sweaters.

I was so pleased with our successful expedition, I decided I might just bring my little shopping companions out with me again some time.
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Actuary Mom said...

ha! I love that, of course you should get both. :)

I love shopping by myself too. Something about going out by yourself when you have kids is just way special.

Lisa said...

The last time I took my DD shopping with me, we were laughing and having fun in the change room and some old bat in the next stall freaking shushed us. Nice. Love the "Emergency Kit" idea. :)